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  • Karen

    Cruelty-free beauty brand @Sarah Long Faced Cosmetics supports our mission to Save Them All--one way is by featuring a Pup of the Month: #toofaced #crueltyfree #rescue

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Cruelty-free cosmetics. An easy change to make in your life that makes a HUGE difference for COUNTLESS animals.

  • Mindy Bacon

    It sucks when you find out the cosmetics you love AND think are cruelty free, are not. I love the Leaping Bunny app!!

  • Mindy Bacon

    And....there is A LOT of misrepresented cosmetics on here, so you can't believe everything you Pin.

  • Melanie Jonassen

    Unless it's vegan it's NOT cruelty free. Products that contain no animal ingredients and aren't tested on animals are cruelty free. Look at the ingredients when buying cosmetics cause you still could be contributing towards animals suffering.

  • Tee Brissett

    Most of those cosmetics brands aren't vegan. They aren't even close.

  • Zanell Van Vuuren

    The Body Shop's mother company test on animals

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Best Cruelty Free Beauty Brands for 2015 - makeup, nail polish, perfume, bath & body, skincare, hair and tools.

  • Souhaila Souki

    Ah-mazing! Thanks Phyrra Can't wait to share this with everyone, so easy to print and take with me too!

So true! My adopted pit worries when we take his collar off for a bath. It's his "family wedding ring / security, I have a home now" symbol

After going through several life changing transitions, I was having difficulties coping!! My daughter calls me asking me if I could take a six month old doxie who needed a home!! Of course I said yes and besides my husband, it is the best yes I could have said!! She takes care of me and I her!! I love you, Mylee!!

I have saved 162!! That's between 5 of our own who we have adopted & all the fosters we have had.

I have four rescue dogs. In 2011, I directly saved the lives of 5 dogs and 4 cats by fostering and transporting, and logged at least 50 volunteer hours for animal rescue organizations. In 2012 I hope to do more, despite being at my limit and no longer being able to foster.

Tugs at my heart...please adopt shelter dogs and make them smile. I have three. They are the most, loving dogs. They know you saved them. Please don't buy dogs....Save them from shelters

  • Carla K

    That's the only way my family will ever acquire household pets. ♥

  • lexie

    If only i could rescue every dog in the world ♥

  • Sabrina

    Same I just adopted a puppy from one and I love her

  • Karen Osborn

    I agree with all of you.

  • kim clark

    The most loyal pets you will ever get. (my fury babies)

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Baby Bats in Blankets by girlwerewolf.


Support No-Kill at your local municipal shelters! NOKILL refers to at least a 90% SAVE ratio at open admission, municipal shelters - programs explained in Nathan Winograd's book, REDEMPTIONS.

  • RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed.

    Authenticity link, is available on my page. this is our artwork :)

  • Evelyn Black

    Great! - here's where you can buy a t-shirt with this message on it!!! http://www.rescuedismyfavor...

  • Nancy Y

    I support my local SPCA, which is NOT "no-kill". They opened when the local Humane League went no-kill, simply by not taking in surrendered dogs and strays, unless brought in by the police. They take the dogs turned away from the humane league and do their best to place them. Which group is really doing the right things for unwanted and abused pets?

A message I wish more of society listened to...every time someone buys a pedigree puppy from backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet stores millions of beautiful dogs are locked in tiny cages and waiting for their turn to be euthanised...

  • Sandra Bergeron

    that is so sad

  • Sara S

    I is so very sad but what can we do?

  • Kaci Taylor

    Sara, adopt a dog. Encourage friends to adopt. The dogs in the shelter are just ad capable if not More of loving and fulfilling everything plus more than we ever expected. Thats what happened to us:') I can't believe how perfect our Jack boy was. Boarder collie and whippet mix. Absolute perfection for us. Adopt. It'll be the best decision ever. Just remember, with any dog, train, and spoil them tons:')

  • Bridgette Mank

    there's a lot you can do! volunteer your time, donate food and other items, advocate for shelters, become a foster home