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To dye your carpets this is what you need.. A pump spray and liquid dye... Like for clothes.. You spray it on your carpets. Caution. You will need the either re-paint trim or tape off trim when dying carpets. Also until dye completely sets in; your socks can become stained. ;)

Scout & Nimblefrom Scout & Nimble

Kim's Makeover: Adding a Stencil to a Rug

Inexpensive ways to get an awesome area rug, need to do this.

Paint a rug with a paint sprayer! Create a high end look for drastically lower than you can buy one! |

Extending printer ink

Extending printer ink

Extending printer ink

Martha Stewartfrom Martha Stewart


Very good to know! Good old Martha taught us that rather than buying those ridiculously expensive anti-slip mats for a rug, just turn it over and run a few lines of acrylic-latex caulk every 6 inches or so. Let dry and flip over and your rug wont be going anywhere! help-home

eHowfrom eHow

How to Get Kool-Aid Out of White Carpet

As anybody with kids can tell you, Kool-Aid spots are inevitable, especially on white carpet. Most conventional carpet cleaners won't pull up the colorful mess, but don't worry, there's an effective way to get that eyesore out of your carpet.

Great way to get the colors and style you want. Make your own rug out of a rubber floor mat and fabric of your choice.

In My Own Stylefrom In My Own Style

How To Cover a Chair or Sofa with a Loose Fit Slipcover

Maybe with this tutorial I can finally make slip covers look like more than just a bedspread tossed on a couch!

eHowfrom eHow

How to Get Kool-Aid Out of White Carpet

MAGIC! "I've been doing this all over my carpet, it works on old stains, new stains-- basically EVERYTHING!" Worth a try...

family birthday board, decided i need to make one of these as my husband is too horrible at remembering birthdays

sweet caroline.from sweet caroline.

Weekend Rehash: Baby snuggles and my First 5k!

Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner - Sprays out in foam stream so you can spray right on grout line. Let set several minutes, brush, wipe away. Easiest way ever to clean gross grout!

Melly Sewsfrom Melly Sews

How to Dye Fabric Tutorial

Melly Sews: Hand Dyeing Fabric Tutorial - NOT using RIT DYE. this is a more colorfast method.

Perhaps the most re-pinned item I've come across, but it is awesome! Interior design cheat sheet. Excellent site for info on curtains, rugs, table sizes, etc.

Surviving The Stores™from Surviving The Stores™

Homemade Carpet Cleaner or Shampoo For Machines Non-Toxic/Natural

Recipe For Homemade Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaner For Machines

One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

How To Get Rid of Pet Stains On Carpet

How To Get Rid of Pet Stains On Carpet I did my very best to show the difference in the before and after pictures…but unfortunately (and FORTUNATELY!) our berber carpet is pretty good as disguising stains in general! But hopefully you get the idea. Plus, it’s impossible to deny that the stain is being removed from the carpet just by looking at the color of the once white baking soda!