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BAHAHAHA!! Officially my favorite picture of Captain Jack. Ever. I'm sorry. But even in patent leather red pumps this man is gorgeous. I want to take him home with me and do unspeakable things.

"Whovian" is in the dictionary! Well done guys, have a fish finger!

Doctor Who Timeview Ad 1985 by combomphotos, via Flickr

Bigger on the inside: Mary Poppins' carpetbag 1934 ~ Felix the Cat's magic bag 1959 ~ The Doctor's Tardis 1963 ~ Oscar the Grouch's trash can 1969 ~ Ghostbusters' ghost trap 1984 ~ The Lament Configuration 1987 ~ Bag of Holding 1989 ~ Pokeball 1996 ~ Weasley family tent 2000

When worlds collide... It's funny because he's the emergency medical hologram. (For my friends who don't know Star Trek ).

This is nearly perfect. But... where are the Avengers? Are they meeting us there in their helipad thingy? Or am I going to somehow be carried off by Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit? :P

Not a band poster, but I'll take it! Lovely tones, details, and is it even vintage from the first series?

The Wounded Traveler: “Nice name...Clara...should definitely keep it.”

This is amazing! I actually saw David Tennant play Hamlet! Oh Matt Smith!

Wife Swap, Doctor Who style. Cute, but Rose you can now let go of my Doctors hand.