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This is MICHAEL ANTHONY BURDIS - watch out for him in all rescue centers as he's trying to get his hands on a dog to use as bait in dog fighting! Please share this far and wide - we have to stop this evil man! By: Tommi Townsend ****DO - NOT - ADOPT TO****

403893_333874996690727_702868878_n by momiecat, via Flickr Sociopaths arrested - dog fighting ring - California. Disgusting POS.

Absolute truth. ❤ End BSL, dog fighting, cruelty to animals and ignorance. Bless those who rescue the innocent.

Please help us put an end to dog-fighting today and call 911 if you have info in your area of people using dogs that end in death and injuries as shown in this pic of an innocent animal used for dog fighting

529641_337365409675019_1085084334_n by momiecat, via Flickr Press release frm office of Thomas G. Walker, US Attny for Eastern District of NC, states 43-year-old James Matthew Blackman, 55-year-old Ricky Dial, & 40-year-old Jimmy Jacobs, all frm Maxton area; 69-y-o Frank Jacobs - Laurinburg, 35-y-o Tony Harris & 59-y-o Ozell McLain frm SC each indicted on dog fighting allegations.

NOW IM A CRAIGS LIST VICTIM. Don't get rid of your animals through classifieds as FREE! Can you say animal cruelty, dog fighting bait, beastiality, lab testing, snake food ... Need i say more ?

the MESSAGE of the video-BE PART OF THE SOLUTION...pinner's words of wisdom:This is the latest excellent video from Ciddy Fonteboa, who tells us an inspiring story about her rescued pit bull Oompa, who escaped the horrors of dog fighting thanks to Ciddy.

Petition to sign and share. 12 22 2012. To: Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan We the undersigned demand that you prosecute - Shane Santiago and Laura Acampora - for running a DOG FIGHTING RING from their home in which they shared with their 5 young children. The house has been dubbed a “House of Horrors” after what was found at the scene.

A few weeks ago when rescuers saved an emaciated, injured Pit Bull named Penny who was used in dog fighting and suffering from congestive heart failure as result of heartworms, they had no idea that they were actually saving two lives, as Penny gave birth to Nickel this week.


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Nope. Breeds are BRED on purpose to create certain tendencies and skills. Pit bulls are bred as guard dogs and fighting dogs! Mastiffs were once war hounds to kill enemy soldiers on the battlefields. Wolves and wolf breeds are literal wild not underestimate the wolf in your "dog." Dogs are just wolves that have been bred. THIS IS SO TRUE.

dog fighting is so wrong! These dogs deserve SO much better! See something. Say something. End animal cruelty

A man who has admitted to being involved with the dragging death of a dog last week has turned himself in to authorities.

A sad reminder of the money-hungry, heartless savages in this world, but an amazing spirit-lifting ending to restore faith in humankind and teach the masses that ALL DOGS, despite their history, can be given a second chance.

OMFG!!! LOOK AT THIS GUY! Used for bait?? Zeppie is five years old., God only knows what life he's led. Notes on him are "friendly". *PLEASE SHARE* Rescue/foster/adopt. Zeppie~ A#0921787 IN MANHATTAN ACC. ugh!!!!


The actor you never knew you knew…

The actor you never knew you knew...and he is awesome!!!