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    Cari Smith
    • 3 years ago

    This is MICHAEL ANTHONY BURDIS - watch out for him in all rescue centers as he's trying to get his hands on a dog to use as bait in dog fighting! Please share this far and wide - we have to stop this evil man! By: Tommi Townsend ****DO - NOT - ADOPT TO****

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    Life With Dogs's photo: Rescuers in Ohio are offering a reward for anyone who has information about a dog that was thrown from a car on Saturday afternoon. Rescuers and veterinarians tried desperately to save the dog, but his injuries were so sever he had to be euthanized. www.lifewithdogs.... Pinned 8/5/2013.

    Abused Pit Bull found duct taped and tied to fence rescued; authorities ask for help » DogHeirs | Where Dogs Are Family « Keywords: Pit Bull, kentucky, louisville, duct tape

    University of Limerick Students Murder Small Dog as Part of Their Celebrations

    Man found guilty in dog stabbing. Gerald Miler, Lakewood (Ohio) - animal cruelty - stabbed a dog to death. POS needs to pay for his crime! (Ohio)

    Police: Man beats puppy to death, admits to killing another 5 - WSMV Channel 4

    The chief of the National Police Agency, South Korea: Dog killed with Chain saw, Attacker needs firm punishment. Terribly sad.


    Poached rhino succumbs to injuries in Kaziranga A rhino, whose horn was sawed away by poachers in Kaziranga National Park about a week ago, succumbed to its injuries today.

    Give The Max Sentence To Jannice Aguilar | Please SIGN and share petition. Thanks. If you love dogs or animals in general, SIGN THIS PETITION.....S

    Dog owner arrested, accused of killing pets - KPTV - FOX 12. Sick sick sociopath by the name of JAPHETH STALCUP - EAGLE CREEK, OREGON - MURDERED DOGS WITH AN AX.

    Humanity can be so disgusting.

    WHO DID you know? If anyone has any information about Buck, please call Crime Stopper at 1-800-392-STOP. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Please speak out for Buck. Texas dog found shot in the face and left to die in a garbage bag.

    !!!!!!!MUST SHARE !!!!!***ALERT ** Pit bull ring trying to adopt dogs for bait!Charlotte, NC ** ALERT Please notify all rescue groups that this young man named Michael Anthony Burdis is trying to adopt dogs to use for Pitt bull fighting bait. Please see attached photo.

    Wooooooo Hoooooo share this evil human far and wide, you going down, someone gonna drag you around in prison.ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Charges have been filed in the case of the puppy that was dragged behind a pick-up on interstate 55 just before Thanksgiving. 41-year-old Benetta Johnson of East St. Louis is charged with misdemeanor animal abuse. Dragged Puppy Will Survive

    Sign and share.our petition to protest to and put pressure on the Andalucian Regional Government to repeal the cruel and barbaric legislation, announced on 29 September 2012, which now allows the training of greyhounds tied to motorised vehicles.

    Petition to sign and share. 12 22 2012. To: Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan We the undersigned demand that you prosecute - Shane Santiago and Laura Acampora - for running a DOG FIGHTING RING from their home in which they shared with their 5 young children. The house has been dubbed a “House of Horrors” after what was found at the scene.

    These bags are filled with stray dogs and cats that will be burnt alive in order to get them off the streets in time for the European Football Championship 2012 that is being held in Ukraine.  Please raise awareness!

    Jerzon Senador animal abuser on facebook. Needs to be stopped. Share.

    The couple faced charges after their 2-year-old Great Dane, "Zack," was discovered weighing a dismal 87 LBS back in Nov. 2010. A healthy, normal weight for this breed of dog ranges from 120 to 150 LBS. Zack received intensive veterinary care, but died just weeks later. According to the veterinary clinic which treated him, Zack died from heart issues stemming from starvation. The jury found that the couple had not provided adequate care for their dog.

    WHY? This 2 yr 25 lb pit bull may've been caged, starved & neglected in LORAIN, OH. The Lorain Police arrived at 816 W.11th St & found a severely emaciated dog in the worst condition imaginable-motionless; HE COULDN'T WALK & COULD BARELY RAISE HIS HEAD. At the vet, his fate is unclear. Off. Broz, 23 yrs on the force,10 yrs a medic said he'd never seen a dog so emaciated alive & was the 1st time he cried on the job. ANY INFO on the owner CALL 440-204-2555 Lorain PD God Bless this pup, ROCKY

    q5B by momiecat, via Flickr

    Go Orange to raise awareness... fight animal abuse!

    Animal Abuse Indicates High Risk Of Psychopathic Disorder: Studies convinced sociologists, lawmakers & courts acts of cruelty against animals can be the first sign of mental disease that doesn't stop violence against humans too. "Murderer- their careers often start as children to kill or torture animals. Apply pressure on your school & judicial authorities to take cases of animal abuse & neglect seriously. The laws must be clear that violence against any sentient beings is not acceptable!

    Jeffrey Nally Jr. was sentenced 10-45 years in prison for torturing and killing at least 29 dogs he collected from Craigslist. Human kind disgusts me!! How can people treat another living breathing being like this!!!???? It enrages me and I just don't understand peoples cruelty.

    This is more heartbreaking. Poor mom and babies. :( People are so cruel. I hate it!!!!