Vintage pram


Antique baby buggy & brand new baby

antique baby buggy ~

Antique baby buggy

An antique baby buggy from simpler days gone by, sits outside of a Paris shop.

Antique baby buggy with crochet blankets

Wicker doll buggy..I was a good "mommy"! My baby dolls loved me!♥ :)


Oh Joy | Ruby's Gold Shoes - documenting my daughter's little outgrown shoes as she gets bigger

LOVE her shoes! (Also a really cute picture of a really cute little girl. They grow up so fast...) This is such a cute Idea for a picture!

photo with the boys in their dad's boots (or girls in their mom's shoes) - for when they are a little older

A whole new take on 'wraps' this was just a quick idea by my sister-in-law which we plan on perfecting tomorrow when the baby sleeps so she wont be trying to eat my hair :) Giving The Best To My Baby

It's not a corner, but anyway. I like how this came together. We don't use it much right now because the baby doesn't sleep in this room yet, so it's easy to keep neat. I love this!! Awesome picture

Creative Photo Ideas for Back to School - Tips from a Mom and Pro Photographer

This is such a cute picture idea!

Too sweet

cute mother daughter pic to take...without the nail polish on the baby's feet

Lucille Ball and daughter Lucie at their home, 1952

Newborn Monogram shot.