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    Doris and Alan Suter step down into the Anderson shelter in the garden of their home at 44 Edgeworth Road, Eltham, London, SE9, sometime between June and August 1940. Their mother, Mrs Suter, can just be seen behind them outside the shelter. Alan is carrying his gas mask box with him.

    Cigarette girl and some soldiers c.1940s

    US journalist Edward R. Murrow in London during the Blitz.

    this is typical for an early 1940s wedding photo, i'm told -- the bride wearing her best dress rather than a traditional gown, as they were rushing to get married before the husband went off to war.

    Tasmanian Nurses in World War II ~

    circa 1943: Three young blonde women hold a sign which reads, 'We will not marry for the duration - unless we marry a service man'. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

    World War II begins in 1939.

    9th June 1940: Two little girls rush into the outstretched arms of their wheel chair bound father. He is a casualty from the British Expeditionary Force in France. (Photo by Reg Speller/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

    UNITED KINGDOM : A female member of the British Home Guard, a civil defence force, learns how to tackle a potential attacker during the Second World War. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

    Guide Dogs for the Blind was founded in 1942 to aid blinded servicemen returning from World War II. The first veteran to graduate from the program was Sgt. Leonard Foulk, who was paired with a Guide Dog named Blondie....

    A soldier of the British Expeditionary Force returns home, 1940. Getty

    WWII women firefighters.

    US Women's Air Force pilot, 1943.

    A pilot of the British Women’s Auxiliary Air Force

    American soldiers comfort a little girl and her puppy after the invasion of Normandy, 1944.

    US soldiers talking to the only French girl left in Cerisy-la-salle, France after the Allied invasion of Normandy. July 25, 1944

    Soldiers of an anti-tank unit entering the French city of Saint-Lô in Normandy, France, on 19 July 1944.

    Robert Capa

    Robert Capa, American soldiers, Salerno, Italy, 1943 World War II

    Wounded Marines are helped by corpsmen to the aid station on the beach of Iwo Jima. Note the plastered Jeep and the sunken tank with its Browning .50 cal heavy machine gun pointing to the sky. Feb 1945.

    history-museum: Two GIs heading towards St Maxime, France, August, 1944.

    "In 1939, right after the Germans invaded, Warsaw began to see trainloads of blonde, blue-eyed children being taken to "Germanization" camps in Germany. Everyone in Warsaw knew about a certain group of women...when the trains pulled in, they tried to convince the German guards to accept bribes in exchange for some of the children." Irena Sendler was one of these women. Later she did everything she could to save Jewish children, including the ones in this photo. (1944)

    children of the holocaust | Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Children Lined up with Heads Shaved in a Croatian Concentration Camp

    Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: A German Jewish Girl Who Was Part of the Kindertransport (1939) Posted on March 10, 2009 This German Jewish girl (age 7) was part of the Kindertransport that, in 1939, got 10,000 Jewish children out of Nazi-controlled areas of Europe. Her name: Dorrith Oppenheim. She ended up in Scotland. Her parents died at Auschwitz in 1944.

    Two Dutch children passing food to German children through the fence that divided the street into the Dutch Nieuwstraat and the German Neustrasse in Kerkrade 10 October 1946