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  • Becky George

    I do this all the time and feel sorry for the ones without my sense of humor. I can laugh about a joke or situations for days.....

  • Carter Fawcett

    story of my life. then my husband makes it worse by quoting other movies that no one else gets and makes me laugh even more!

  • Emily

    "That awkward moment, when everyone else quit laughing 10 minutes ago, but you can't stop." Happens to me all the time:)

  • Monica

    story of my life..... Anna and I, all the time... we start laughing early, and we stop laughing late, and no one knows why. @Olivia Haas

  • Erin McGady

    True story

  • Victoria Gallagher

    I spent that amount of time laughing at this stupid thing.

  • Christina Smith

    This is me...and I'm still laughing at the cookie monster cupcake pin...Nailed it!! Heeee heee, I'm sorry but that's just funny stuff.

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Jack quote, Will and Grace, I don't want to be an adult anymore. This is how I feel sometimes.

Every time I find a new series…

I love Ben! Parks and Rec

Why don't we just go on Pinterest? *two hours later* "RIGHT! I'm going to work now!" brain: But how about INSTAGRAM *half an hour later* "OKAY. NO PROCRASTINATING!" brain: BUT HOW ABOUT THAT MANGA YOU'RE READING? OR THOSE FANFICTIONS YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF?! *7 PM at night* GOSHDAMNIT WHY CAN'T I JUST FUCKING WORK?!

I think I do this every day. I seriously should just get up when this happens so I don't feel and look like the last picture.