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    • Mr. Jaime

      Title: Our Teacher is Missing Writing Idea Grade Level: 3rd - 5th This writing prompt printable is great to leave when a teacher will not be present in the class for the day. Great way to keep the students on task for the substitute teacher.

    • Rana Powell

      I think this would be a cute idea to show some imagination. This writing prompt printable is great to leave when you have a substitute. Leave it on a day that you don't tell your students you will be absent.

    • pamela papp

      This writing prompt printable would be funny to have all of the students do and make a book for one of the days of Teacher Appreciation Week...I can only imagine what the kids would come up!

    • Stephanie

      Great writing activity for a substitute! Leave it on a day that you don't tell your students you will be absent. Perfect for the emergency sub plans

    • Whitney Pollard

      Writing prompt Leave it on a day that you don't tell your students you will be absent. Students would love this!! Perfect for the emergency sub plans!

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