A "parents love story" for your kiddos to read. A real life fairytale... I am so doing this

Adorable!! 7 Baby Photo Book Ideas My boys loved the "when they were born stories". Making it into an actual book....love it

Personal Alphabet Book, using pictures a child knows about, take the photos and create a keepsake book on Shutterfly! Great Idea!

A way for the kids to keep parents accountable for Summer plans!

Good idea

Love this idea!

The Day You Were Born Box ~ sort your memorabilia -- and memories -- into a collection of themed boxes: the birth story, the pregnancy, the news of the day, and so on. You can make it as big or as small as you like, depending on how many themes you want to include, then decorate... think of it as a sort of interactive baby album

100 Things To Do With Kids This Summer. I'm going to need to spend some time going through this.

cut a sticker in half and put in their shoes. they can line up the sticker and know which shoe goes on which foot that way!

25 Ways To Ask Your Kids How Was School Today Just a few ways to connect (more) with your kiddos- and get actual answers out of them!! http://www.simplesimonandco.com/2014/08/25-ways-ask-kids-school-today-without-asking-school-today.html www.jessicasproul.com #cherishyourfamily

Another pinner said "I loved this life skills list! It gave me lots of ideas on things I want to work on with my children, in fun ways. If more people knew how to do all of these things well before adult life, it would make the adjustment a lot easier."

tiny kitchen

Babysitter box with snacks, instructions, etc to help your babysitter feel at ease. Pretty smart, if you ask me.

What to reject when you're expecting 10 procedures to think twice about during your pregnancy

10 things they don't tell you about after birth! this lady is freakin hilarious!! she talks about some very real issues with a comical outlook.

Birth announcement pillow!

I want one of these for all my kiddos

so the kiddos can reach!

Never lose your kids with this keyring sized GPS with iPhone app for tracking it Could be good if going to a busy crowed place.

Take pictures of the kids' artwork and create a collage out of it.

I love this idea. Start a savings shadow box with a picture of what you're saving for. This would also be cool for the kids, to teach them to save for something.