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HOW TO Tightline Eyes with Pencil or Gel Eye Liner. I've been doing this for years. Love that it's catching on.

How to Tightline Eyes

Tightlining - probably the best way to put eyeliner on to add great definition to your lashes. Basically, you put eye liner (gel or pencil) in between each lash in your lash line (makeup, diy, beauty tips)


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Tips para delinear los ojos rápidamente

Inner eye goop and blotchy color consistency are just a few of the problems you might encounter when lining the waterline. Getting a pencil (or brush!) that close to your eyeball is just bound to be difficult, but with practice and patience and my th.

Inspiration--and a great photo to parse out the products you need to duplicate the look on your own face.

10 tips for wearing makeup with glasses. I dont wear glasses but I have friends and a step daughter that do!

Makeup Tutorials

Great Eyeliner Tips For Makeup Junkies

Are you looking for soe eye makeup tips or eye makeup ideas? If eye makeup is in your mind, check out the makeup tips and beauty tips that can enlarge your eyes and make them stand out in the crowd.

SERIOUS EYE CREAM- Fill a 1 oz jar with solid coconut oil. I put it in the microwave for just a couple of seconds until it just begins to melt.  Next, you poke a hole in your Vitamin E capsules and add to the melted coconut oil.  For the jar above I used 3 capsules. Then, use a tooth pick or wooden skewer and blend them together.  Now put the cream in the fridge to become solid again.  After that happens there is no need to keep it refrigerated.  The oils will not become rancid.

FACE: Serious eye cream is super simple to make using only 2 ingredients -coconut oil & Vitamin E. Coconut oil is a protective antioxidant & supports tissue repair & healing. Nice website for natural cleaners & other recipes.

To wear a perfect makeup, you should handle more than one trick. It would be easier and better for you to learn some useful makeup tips. Today’s post is going to tell you something practical to your makeup routine. Get inspired and make a perfect makeup for everyday. Sometimes, even a small detail can change …

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