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I have a strong customer service background. By that I mean I always press the mute button before calling someone a cunt.

If you're offended by my sense of humor and jokes: I'm really sorry I will tone it down 1 & 2 are lies Cunt

Customer service means being paid to be screamed and cursed at all with a smile on your face so your employers dont have to.

People need to understand customer service is NOT an easy job. Especially when you have to deal with hateful idiots all day.

If I land a job in HR can I put this in my office to lighten the mood

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you.

For an introvert, too many people for long periods of time can be draining and make you want to retreat to a quiet place.

I dont know about you, but people make me want to say bad words.

FYI to everyone who makes sarcastic jokes: your jokes really aren't funny. even when we laugh.

649 Lottery

" -"The winning lottery numbers!" Haha only hear that 10 times a night idiot.

I think they should make graduation cards out of this one!

Irrational sense of entitlement. Today's generation was born with their hand out.