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    • Joey Ramone

      Pencil Vs Camera - 32 by Ben Heine on Flickr - amazing combinations of photos with pencil drawings which alter reality!

    • Brooke Boehm

      Perspective Art Lesson.

    • Chad Raisch

      Belgian artist Ben Heine seamlessly matches pencil sketches with real life settings to create images he calls ‘Pencil Vs Camera’. Ben Heine is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist. Starting as a painter and political cartoonist, he became more widely known in 2011 for his “Pencil vs Camera” and “Digital Circlism” projects.

    • Mary Denson

      One Point Perspective

    • Shelly Sybert

      . #3D #art - mark point, draw 5-6 shapes, connect to vanishing point, color

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    “keitanoaji: 「私がよく通る道にある理髪店の看板がマグロ」って言う話を誰にしてもちょっと意味わかんないって言われるので写真とってきた… on Twitpic ”

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    Shoes for the third family needed soon

    Radish looks like mandragora

    “pocomoco: 麺の太さと種類によるうどんの違い詰め合わせ:ネタ画像置き場 ”

    偶然撮影された牛久大仏。飛行機を捕まえた!と話題 | A!@attrip

    “hevimeta: あごひげ海賊団: こんなにあるオロナミンCのニセモノ ”


    Quality is originally subjective!!


    Mario made ​​from cans makaon san Japanese artist's work

    “albotas: Tuff Tatted: Realistic Popeye Artist Lee Ramaos take on the iconic sailor featuring a more chiseled (but just as anatomically baffling) physique and some clever tattoos like a chest piece that reads I Yam What I Yam, a sailors knot on his hand, spinach leaves, an homage to Olive Oil, and, my personal favorite, an Anchor with the date 1.17.29 which marks when Popeye m...

    ねたたま : iPSの嘘ついた人トレス疑惑 - ライブドアブログ

    ディスプレイにスカート巻いてパンツ画像見るとやばい : 2chコピペ保存道場


    【閲覧注意】 このお弁当怖すぎワロタwwwwww | ラジック

    【閲覧注意】 このお弁当怖すぎワロタwwwwww | ラジック

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    “iheartmyart: Salvador Dali, Spain, 1938 (via trulydread) ”