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    Aaron Hiscutt is fourteen years old. He’s a drummer and a comedian. He’s also clinically deaf and blind. But Aaron doesn’t go to a special education school. Since kindergarten, he’s been included in classrooms with his hearing and seeing peers. (go to to read and listen to his inspiring story.)

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ASL Sight Word Stories. These stories were created for Deaf students reading at a kindergarten level. The sentence structure is simple and provides repeated practice with target words. Students are also able to begin taking a reading test. They learn the structure of reading the question and choosing from multiple choice answers.

Special education accommodations for math, reading, writing, organization, homework, and tests

No School Choice: Louisiana Special Education: Louisiana’s new “School Choice” law has many parents of special-needs students crying “discrimination.” Although charters are public schools, so far they don’t have a good track record of providing special education services. According to Louisiana Department of Education’s own data, 91 percent of charter schools in the state do not serve students with multiple disabilities

This is a great resource on special education and art. The chapter on Deafness was written by my parents and it's prettry darn good.

Discovering a Passion for Deaf Education

Special Education - Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See? (in sign and spoken word)

The 200 Best Special Ed Apps Eric Sailers has been working on this list since before the iPad came out. I’m talking the iPad 1. So you know it’s got some stuff.

I like the RTI manual and handouts on this site

No School Choice: Louisiana Special Education: The Louisiana Dept of Education’s own data, 91-percent of charter schools in the state do not serve students with multiple disabilities. In addition, the department is currently embroiled in a federal class action lawsuit that alleges “in New Orleans, an estimated 4,500 students with disabilities are denied equal access to educational opportunities, routinely pushed out of school, and subject to discrimination on the basis of their disabilities.”

Happy Anniversary (I'm still blind & deaf)!