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Explore The Blue Lagoon

**This setting has 3 things that soothe my soul: 1-sitting next to a campfire at night just staring at the logs burning and flames flickering, 2-being near the water listening to the frogs/toad chirp, water trickling, splashing and 3-looking up at a night sky at the bright moon and stars. See the moon's reflection in the water and/or a falling star are a bonus treat!

Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty: Henna Paisley Infinity Scarf

Hall of Mirrors, Chateau Versailles


That's what I'm talking about!!! My kind of summer night



country girl at heart




little reasons to smile

Working on it!!

In Scotland or Ireland yes!

This is a must :)

Oh yes


Check this one off my Bucket list. Be Able To Run A Mile Easily. #Bucket List #Done #Run #Run #Fitness #Workout

Island life.