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    This is absolutely adorable.

    Makes me smile


    Breath taking


    Horse /

    Horse & little girl


    SILHOUETTES (maybe a few in a row in motion) perhaps black background and grey silhouettes w/ spritzed colors would be cool

    miniature horses | Luxury Product: American Miniature Horse



    Child and mini-horse. In a show. With a blue ribbon. I think this might be one of the cutest things ever.

    Photographer Dyrk Daniels says: "I noticed this little girl was leaning against the glass with both hands out stretched staring at the 'big kitties'. I could not believe my eyes when Taj approached the girl, bowed his head and then placed his huge right paw exactly in front of where the little girl's left hand was. It was incredible to watch. Taj let down his right paw, rubbed his cheek against the glass."

    A girl and her horse.

    Girl with her Horse


    For Kids: look at how animals walk: Dogs walk on their toes Hoofs are nails Stilts = big stride & run faster A horse’s heart weighs nine pounds. How awesome you dont even need a human to walk a horse. Dogs can do anything.

    Oh my... ♥ (What a Sweet Painting)