seek peace and balance, seeing sun rays through clouds makes me think of dad and I feel it's a glimpse into heaven....I miss you dad


Lightning, Storm, Ocean - ". . . .God. . . he created all things both in heaven and in earth"; Mosiah 2:13





✯ Vakarufalhi, Maldives - Indian Ocean

If it doesn't inspire you, rethink it, leave it, move closer to it, dream with it at a distance, retell it, anything, but do something! Because otherwise it is just a thing, and you were just a person who saw it and did nothing.

A Perfect Moment

Maldives - Indian Ocean

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Amazing cloud formations and colours where are you in this picture?

storm clouds

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Lightning storm over mountain

How can anyone look at something like this and not imagine even the slightest possibility of a God?

Tornado in the ocean – The amazing part from mother nature. Its good to see it at sea and not on land.


Storm at Sea

Sunset Maldives