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If there was nothing wrong.... "Forgiveness is DOING, or rather forgiveness is the UNDOING of the problem that has been placed in your life right now." #katherinetowen

While we cannot direct the wind... we can adjust the sails.

If there was nothing wrong in the world there wouldn't be anything for us to do.

For years I've been using a similar quote as my e-mail signature giving credit to 'anon'. I should have realized that it originated with Gandhi!

So true, so true. wise words of macaroni wiseness mashed in to a poster that says the earth without art is just eh. ooooh cookies!

OMG, I LOVE THIS! I used to hide my positive demeanor if it annoyed people because I didn't want to make them uncomfortable but NOW I shine it!

So very, very true. What can you do when someone criticizes you? Agree and dismiss them. Smile your best smile and say the same thing I do when complimented: "I know." :)

That's right! I should hang this on my craft room! Im sticking to this

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