As if we needed a guide... Still it might help other understand our actions a little more clearly.

Ladies Doctor Who Zip Up Hoodie: Non 80s TV Shows: Doctor Who

DR whO - you are not a Whovian! its Doctor Who NOT Dr. Who! his name is the Doctor (the t in the can be uppercase) but his real name is unknown to most but about 3 in the Doctors current time, Clara, himself, and River (who hinted that she is coming back in an interview, I think, it was a while ago), also I think Moffat knows it.

Halloween with the Doctor!

"I don't know why I just know who"<---- This

Time War, love it.

Don't forget.

Another Doctor Who chess set. Awesome!

They're always brave.

You know you’re a ‘Doctor Who’ fan when…

I freak non whovians out when i say this. they just dont understand.

Doctor…that's not how you play.

The Doctors are in.

The Day Of the Doctor

True story. Craig Ferguson <3

Daleks! Tommy was based off the Doctor...and he always had his screwdriver. (The creators of Rugrats were huge fans) my mind=blown. The Doctor has been with me my whole life.

River Song. So hardcore she DIVORCED Voldemort. YES!!!!

<3 <3

Only Whovians will understand.