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10 Surprisingly Filthy Things You Never Thought About Cleaning:

cleaning baseboards.

how to remove popcorn ceiling

Magic way to clean windows

How to clean between the glass on your oven door!!!! AWESOME! Didn't know it was even possible--great

Hang a picture easily! Put the toothpaste where you want the nail to go. Press the picture to the wall where you want to hang it so that the toothpaste from the back of frame sticks to the wall.

How to Paint Cabinets or Furniture... using liquid sandpaper (deglosser).... - cuts out the sanding step. From Better Homes and Gardens

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Dryer sheets to clean baseboards--not only cleans up, coats them to repel hair and dust

Believe it or not coke uses include rust buster stains in carpet stains in clothing oil in the driveway neutralizes odor grout cleaner skunk odor out do not dilute it simply pour onto the area

Cruddy Dishes Post-Wash? Here's the fix!

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Magic Laundry Spot Remover (even works after stain is set in after dryer)

How to get out set-in oil stains: Use baking soda and dish soap. The combination of a super-absorbent powder with an oil-conquering dish soap is a match set-in stains can’t beat! Start by pouring more fresh oil on your oil stain, to “renew” it. Then, pour on baking soda and scrub the area with a toothbrush. Finalize the process by pouring on grease-fighting dish soap and scrubbing some more. Then send your clothing through a wash cycle and be amazed by the lack of stains when it’s done.[

Best Carpet Cleaner. This stuff is like magic!

Use a dryer sheet to clean your bathroom! Just add some water and it will clean up any hard to remove soap scum!

Will take the stains out of almost ANYTHING...even if it is an old one. REALLY WORKS!! 2 part hydrogen peroxide to 1 part Dawn ( original blue) // I saw this idea before but didn't realize you could just put it in a spray bottle as a stain remover spray. Will definitely try!

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Vinegar Tips - Cleaning with Vinegar

Place a layer of wax paper on top of upper kitchen cabinets where dust and grease particles gather. Every few months, switch out the paper for a fresh sheet. Cool idea.