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EverydayTacticalVids challenged himself to build an urban survival kit using only items he found at Home Depot. The total cost for this kit was $235.

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How to Build an EDC You Can Be Proud Of | Preppers Survive: "The Everyday Carry (EDC) consists of the items that you carry with you, well, every day. We never know what we may encounter over the course of the day and it is typically not feasible to carry your bug-out bag with you at all times." | #prepbloggers #gear

Here's a quick list of some things you should have with you every day since you can't carry everything. http://graywolfsurvival.com/275358/edc-top-things-you-should-carry-every-day/

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WeLiveForWeapons.com - Every day carries and EDC tools, gear and keychains.

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The Gray Man Concept For Survival - SHTF Preparedness Most people would say this person is a sociopath. But it's a good concept for someone who prefers to remain private.

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TravTac Small EDC Sling Pack... I have one and it is well made and really useful for hiking , biking , camping , Jeep Survival gear bag and more! SDV

Emergency Cell Phone For Bug Out Bag or Car Kit - SHTF Preparedness