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WHAT?! I still do!

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All the time!!!!!yes! how DID they get up there?!?!?!

Graffiti on a bridge…

Funny pictures about Graffiti on a bridge. Oh, and cool pics about Graffiti on a bridge. Also, Graffiti on a bridge.

That dirty look you give something after tripping over it.

Relatable Post, Clumsy, Oops, I Tripped! I'm clumsy every day! Score Score Olivia you see me do this every time hehehe! And I broke my binder from running into a door😂

I would start laughing really hard and then ny friends would give confused looks. I would apoligize and and start laughing again. Lol

seriously, i can't keep a straight face even when i'm telling the truth! i often find it easier to lie then to tell the truth with a straight facexD

You didnt have fun growing up if you didnt do a few of these things!

You had a good childhood when you did some of these things. I did most of em except 4 and 7 lol. What makes it better when reading it is that when u read it u remember a time u actually did it lol.


30 Awkward Moments Every Short Girl Understands - I'm a tall girl, but these are still funny in a flip side look.

the disney one is so true, same with the words because it still happens The shots are water though

Haven’t we all…

Weird things we all do. - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - funny animals @ humor All of them!


The best feeling is waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have hours to sleep. The trick is getting back to sleep!

there was barely enough room for me! and when I woke up there were always some that had fallen out of bed =(

Yes I always thought "If I only sleep with one the other will be left out"and my mom would come in and see me tucking myself in bed with all my stuffed animals and she just kissed me goodnight and quickly walked out


Teenager Post - I wish I had a window seat with lots of pillows that I could sit in and drink tea ad read books and watch the rain.