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The Kathiawari is a breed of horse from India, originating in the Kathiawar peninsula. Closely related to the Marwari horse, and resembling both that breed and the Arabian horse from which they descend, the Kathiawari was originally bred as a desert war horse for use over long distances, in rough terrain, on minimal rations.

Similar to Marwari or Malani horses, but a bit taller and mostly dun. All colours accepted except black.

Kathiawari/Marwari India

Interestingly enough, the Kathiawadi breed possesses the most inward curved ears of any breed on the planet (yes including the Marwari). They touch & often overlap one another at the tips – in fact, this is an indication of pure breeding.

In this album you can see photos of one of the most special and rare breed - Marwari, photographed in India. Marwari is an Indian breed, which is famous for their inward-curving ears tips. Traditionally these horses were used in parades and wars and were bred by kings and noble families of Marwar region (was on a territory of present Rajasthan). You can see on some photographs horses posing in traditional jewelry and tack in arches of castles and forts. Marwaris are outstanding horses, with…

Photos of indian horse breed Marwari, photographed in India by Ekaterina Druz Equine Photography

Ekaterina Druz: The nobility of Marwari breed can be seen from first days of the foal! On the photo: 11 days old colt Angraj Hukam Garh Stud, India

11 days old Marwari colt Angraj Hukam Garh Stud, India — Ekaterina Druz Photography


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