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    Ming Dynasty. Two dragons presenting a heart-shaped amber. 1647-1658. Tomb of Lady Chen, wife of Tong Bonian. Amber and ruby, gold with repoussé & filigree designs. Nanjing Municipal Museum.

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    Chinese ancient jewelry · Ming Dynasty

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    Ancient Jewels - Google Search

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Medieval ring from Sandal Castle - the inscription reads 'I'm all yours' in medieval French

Reliquary Pendant English Date: 15th century Material: Gold, enamel British Museum

Thracian 5th century omega shaped bracket with twisted gold wires ending in triangular pyramids from granules decorated between bracket & each pyramid.


Gold finger ring, Europe, 15th century.

Vase with Scythian warriors - (4th cent.BC), elektrum, natural alloy of gold and silver - found in a Kul-Oba barrow

Gold aurei of the Twelve Caesars, Early Imperial/Flavian period, circa 69-96 AD, Roman, gold and amethyst.

Northern Iran, Kelardasht golden cup, ca 800 BC, National museum of Iran- Tehran. جام زرین کلاردشت، شمال ایران، حدود ۸۰۰ پیش از میلاد، موزه‌ ایران باستان- تهران by:‏Virtual Museum of Iran Art / موزه مجازی هنر ایران‏ (page on facebook).

Scythian Gold

Scythian Gold

Gold Pendant -- In the form of a raptor -- Scythian -- Hermitage Museum -- St. Petersburg, Russia

Tresurs - «Golden Helmet Scythian king-priest. Crimea, Ak-Burun, VI century. BC. e. »On Yandex

Scythian Gold Double Dragon Torc Necklace from Central Asia | ca. 2nd century BCE - 1st century CE.

Scythian gold vessel with mythical scene from Kuban, 4th century BC.

Scythian Medusa Plaques, 4th Century BC

The Panagyurishte Treasure - Bulgarian Thracian Gold 4th century BC #panagyurishte #thracian #treasure #gold #bulgarian

Golden Bowl From the Panagyurishte Treasure #panagyurishte #treasure #gold #bulgaria #thracian #bowl

Silver Jug-detail. The Rogozen treasure Thracian

Rhyton, Gold ,thracian treasure .

THE TREASURE OF LETNITSA - Thracian treasures

Panagyurishte treasure - end of a horn, Thracian, 4th-3rd century BCE, gold

Rhyton, 4th Century BC Thracian treasure

Griffin attacking a deer - Scythian golden artwork Gold scythian belt title from Mingachevir, Azerbaijan [7th cent BC] St Petersburg Hermitage

Sumptuous silver and gold leaping winged ibex. A vessel handle from the Palace of Darius I, Susa,