You mean I can have a block center outdoors? Here they are building with loose parts and wood cookies.

let the children play: Handy ideas for storing loose parts for play

Scales for early years outdoor provision #abcdoes #outdoorprovision #eyfs

How to make your own set of cork building blocks from And Next Comes L

The benefits of loose parts play

DIY Outdoor Balance Scale

Loose Parts | what, where, why and how of loose parts play

Loose Natural Parts for Exploring An Everyday Story 4 Sand Tray and Loose Parts

Logs as loose parts

let the children play: 12 outdoor storage solutions for loose parts in the playground

Lovely area for creating building outdoors

Building Area

use blocks and masking tape to makes shapes on the floor

castle + tree blocks

organize loose parts for building outside

"Kenan also cut a ton of natural wood blocks for the kids. They had a great time building fairy houses and structures and kingdoms and knocking them down again. Ours are really roughly cut (husband used a chain saw), we didn't sand them or seal them or anything. It is truly amazing to see their imaginations at work." Outdoor Art Easels are a fun way to bring the arts outdoors onto the preschool playground. #playoutdoors

Beautiful loose part -- natural blocks

A great example of how neutral colors allow for the children and their work to take center stage.