• amy day

    corner shelf - good idea for a bedside table if there isnt enough room for a nightstand

  • Kaitlyn Miller

    This could be a great solution to my bedside table problem... // Perfect DIY corner shelf for a small space, using an ikea wood mag holder. The hole could even be used to run charger cords down to an outlet.


    Turn a wooden magazine holder into a shelf - (Landing pad for a small space, bedside table, or maybe stack them about a foot apart for corner shelves.) Set of 2 for $10.00 at IKEA: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50187340/

  • Aiste Dobrovolskaite

    DIY storage. Perfect for small spaces that don't have room for a full night stand

  • Lisa-Marie Butler

    Very cool idea. Turn a magazine holder into a corner shelf!

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