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compost tea how to (i cant even believe i know about this, much less want to make it!)

Make Worm Castings Tea for natural gardening - PreparednessMama

How To Make Compost Tea Compost tea may not be made from tea leaves, but it is very rich in nutrients that plants thrive on and removes the need for commercial fertilizers. It can also be considered a method of organic pest control since the healthier a plant is, the more likely it is to be pest and disease free.

Compost Tea: Convertir en abono fertilizante líquido para plantas de interiores, los contenedores y paisajes. Todo lo que necesitas es algún tipo de abono, material permeable gasa o de otro tipo, un balde y el agua para este método. Estoy usando compost de cosecha de mi contenedor de lombrices. Coloque una scoopful, cerca de 8 onzas, de compost en la gasa. Haga un nudo a los lados para mantener el compost en el interior ::..*•#~~$??*

{Adventures in Worm Poop} Isn't it funny the things you get excited about as a parent? That’s right, you read that correctly. I’m excited over worm poop. Click through to read why. Do any of you compost?

Methods of brewing Worm Tea using an aerator for added microbial growth.

Home-made vermicomposter, 2-3 layers with worm tea collector