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Monster Friends – Sasquatch, $25, now featured on Fab.   So you’ve seen a Sasquatch before…but have you seen a Sasquatch lately? The hermetic, hirsute hider in this Sasquatch Print by Familytree has clearly cleaned up his act: No more jumping out of bushes and scaring the normals. Part of the Monster Friends Poster Series, this screenprint reveals that Sassy has turned over a new leaf—and even found a friendly snail beneath it. Get a room, guys.

Friendly Monsters for Your Walls The brainchild of artist Alex Pearson, Familytree is a small creative studio that


El Chupacabra Print by Julian Baker. Glows in the dark!

monsters for the walls!

Fun monsters by Invisible Creature.

illustrations from Alex Pearson (Nihonzaru), Julian Baker (Koi Fish), Scott MacDonald (Kitsune), and Andy Young (Tora Shiru)

Fauna Friends – Japanimals, fea­tures art­work by Alex Pearson, Julian Baker, Scott MacDonald and Andy Young

Rob Lowe, also known as Supermundane: Anorak 19 – Seafarers Issue.

"Leviathan" by John Solimine for Familytree  $35

Leviathan, from Monster Friends series, by John Solimine.

Movie Poster Minimalism: 41 Stripped-Down Examples // Superhero movies have surged back into popularity. To counter-balance the super slickness of these new graphic bonanzas, here are a few vintage, toned-down examples of superhero posters from an alternate universe.

Movie Poster Minimalism: 41 Stripped-Down Examples

Kitsune Poster

Familytree Presents Fauna Friends Japanimals Posters

Saatchi Online Artist: Indrė Bankauskaitė; Painting New Media "Princess and a Bird"

Princess and a Bird New Media by Indrė Bankauskaitė

Princess and a Bird Art Print by Freeminds

Monster Friends – Behemoth, $25, now featured on Fab. The Behemoth: a mythical beast of Biblical proportions. He has a longstanding reputation as an unconquerable bully, but this Behemoth Print by Familytree tells a different story. this dazzling screenprint reveals the supernatural beast is actually something of a gentle giant. Sure, he can trample entire cities under his hooves, but those coy little eyes just want shelter from the storm. Won’t you let him in?

Behemoth Print by Jim Tierney

the boy frost

L'elephant screenprint by The Boy Frost

the mountain goats concert poster by methane studios - we have this one in the playroom

hand made 3 color screen printmeasures 18 x 24 inchessigned & numbered edition of Mark McDevitt (Methane Studios)

Family Tree Monster Friends Kraken

"The Kraken" by Alex Pearson, part of the wonderful Monster Friends Poster series on Familytree.

Fauna Friends Poster Series from Familytree

Yeti print by Jeff Kandefer

Phoenix: Monster Friends by Alex Pearson

Alex Pearson