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Down to a T. This next month will bring a lot of changes but I'm doing it for me. He does this every year but this time i have a man who loves me and will stand by me no matter what. Haze and i are lucky. We found a man who has the more love to offer than we thought was possible.

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What I love about Einstein was his humility, the only other characteristic that shone more than his curiosity. #Passion

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❤Yoga Love Sedona❤ on Facebook Powerful mojo in living with this attitude. It opens the door to attracting more of what you need and want to live the best life possible. Having what we want does not detract from others. The world is full of abundance for all. Problems come with the distribution.


best. quote. ever.

THE C.S. Lewis 1: Typewriter quote on 5x7 cardstock


An econ teacher gave his senior high school students his personal list of wisest words....and they make a lot of sense.

5 ways to ditch the life plan + start living ::

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"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." - English Proverb

That's right. We'll all sit in the mental institute together, rocking back and forth.while talking about Supernatural

Robert Brault...Who is this man?

Refuse to inherit dysfunction. Learn new ways of living instead of repeating what you lived through.

Put your love and energy to the people and things that are already there and want to be a part of your future- and you will be amazed at how "green" your present can be!!!!

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"Broken crayons still color." And who of us still colors, but the most gleeful and childlike and free?