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The Office

We have gifs for everything


Due dates: | 33 Things Everyone That Went To High School Will Understand. Sitting in class right now trying not to get caught laughing. These are so true!

10 Things Single Women Are SO Sick of Hearing

Kevin Hart Quotes | "I don't have Ex's. I have Y's. Like, Y the hell did I date you?!?!" - Kevin Hart

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I don't think Bridget or Sandra would ever do this for me. Mostly because I go into Starbucks looking homeless.


I defy you!


Why is this so funny?! but it IS!

Funny quotes and sayings 167 (21 pict) | Funny pictures

If Disney princesses had moms!

Michael Fassbender

OMG, Russia really IS bigger than Pluto. Mind=blown - funny tumblr

... and then there's THIS guy...

Harry potter, doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, merlin, lord of the rings, maximum ride, divergent.... I will use all of these!

Oh my XD