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  • Serom

    patterns in nature - diatom

  • Rachael Cox

    Diatom, algae. This is so beautiful. It makes me think of a mandala.

  • Angela McCarthy

    These microscopic creatures make a good chunk of the plankton in the Ocean. They are so beautiful in their detail. As seen on Psychedelic Diatoms, Deep Blue Home

  • Dyann Frazier Carr

    Beauty in a detail : The sea has one-celled creatures, phytoplankton, who use sunlight to create matter. Whales eat them and live 150 years. Fractal Patterns

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Diatoms arranged and dyed under the microscope to create this photograph; created by Klaus Kemp, a micromanipulator.

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Victorian microscope slide from the collection of Howard Lynk, who specializes in the slide-makers of the 1840s-1860s.

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Another Pinner writes: "A simple diatom, yet more complex than the most advanced computer and possessing an architecture more elegant than our most beautifuly made structures. Self feeding, healing, and reproducing designs show a mind greater than any behind our best inventions." ~K~ I absolutely agree ! This is the most beautiful diatom pattern I've seen yet !!

Spider's Web Diatom In diatoms, the holes collectively take on the role of a sieve, a two-way filtration mechanism across which water and nutrient molecules permeate the cell. The holes can range from several micrometres down to 100 nanometres in diameter.

Diatoms. Earths most beautiful creatures. Engraving taken from Ernst Haeckel's famous treatise: "Art Forms of Nature"

Diatoms are photosynthetic plankton (microscopic algae) ubiquitous in oceans and freshwater systems. They are a major source of nutrients for marine organisms as well as a major producer of oxygen. They have been dubbed the “lungs of the ocean,” producing about 20 % of the oxygen we breathe–as much as all the rainforests combined.