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    — abandoned city by ~poibuts on deviantART

    • Lauren Mills

      Abandoned City, Matte Painting. An image of what i am now hoping to do, base my exam book around the end of the world and the hundred of theories and myths that surrounds it.

    • Shauna U

      Abandoned City, Matte Painting in Stunning Post Apocalypse Artworksnot usually my cup of tea, but really amazing looks.

    • David Robison

      "It is written that, long ago, the Angels cast swords into the sky to pierce the heart of the demon stars. There are those who believe the lore of the flying swords is not lost and that there are more of the divine blades hidden deep in the earth waiting to be unleashed upon the heavens." (Abandoned City, Matte Painting in Stunning Post Apocalypse Artworks)

    • Kyrinn Eis

      Abandoned City, Matte Painting in Stunning Post Apocalypse Artworks -- After the warning/invitation that the nations of the world were abandoning Urutsk ahead of the Shorrannin invasion, there were a few who, for whatever reason, remained behind. They and their descendants would dwell in a nightmarish realm ruled by psychic yet unthinking alien monsters as the planet moved into its 1,750 year Ice Age...

    • k m

      The test@! Abandoned City, Matte Painting in Stunning Post Apocalypse Artworks

    • Li Cheng

      Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration @wongshuyee more reference for you.

    • Jack Henry Kraven

      Amazing Digital Art by Wen Juinn...What will the future bring?

    • Meg

      The abandoned city and the new kingdom in the background

    • Jurre Hehenkamp

      Abandoned City - Concept Art

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