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There were parts of the ground level that were nice - areas flecked with interesting wildflowers that didn't grow on the city-controlled gardens and interesting art smeared across the underside of bridges and along walls. This place was not one of them.

Looks like the coming of the Protectorate. Moon Mine | Marcin Jakubowski

Post Apocalyptic Ruined City in Stunning Post Apocalypse Artworks

Chris Foss "Galactic Scrapyard" Science Fiction Art 1975

Post Apocalypse in Stunning Post Apocalypse Artworks

tracked this guy all the way to the city.. bad location. lots of blind spots. gotta keep our eyes peeled. especially for aerial attacks and traps

tank girl - Post Apocalypse

What would the world’s cities look like after the apocalypse? Belgian digital artist Jonas De Ro paints his vision of the end of the world.

Abandoned Ship by Michal Matczak 886398_509132629143183_1657576302_o.jpg (1024×1683)