— abandoned city by ~poibuts on deviantART

New City.

Mickaël Forrett’s matte painting for Horizon

Caryatids by Raphael-Lacoste #Sci-fi #fantasy #illustration

Cyberpunk Atmosphere, Dark Future, Dystopia, Noir, Underpass by *atomhawk on deviantART

environment post apocalypse

Concept Art by Flavio Bolla #sky #city #market

Steampunk City


Extended City by Amy Casey explores a different kind of urban life. Want a cityscape unlike any other? Make it this one.

Fine Art Architectural Painting, Artist Study Resources for Art Students, CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at milliande.com , Inspiration for Art School Portfolio Work, How to Paint Buildings and Architecture

Andrée Wallin is a professional digital artist from Sweden that specializes in creating concept art and matte paintings.

b10750dafa0b0cf1fcc0e09649fbcc91.jpg (500×645) --beautiful! It reminds me of the southern air temple in avatar.



Club Z (concept art by Feng Zhu Design) | #cyberpunk #scifi #darkfuture #bravenewworld

The sunken city in the water, found on the 2ch. So Awesome

In the City of Crowns?

51 Breathtaking Post-Apocalypse Wallpapers | Presidia Creative

This would be a sick tattoo. Gotta use alot of negative space though for all the different highlights

The Art Of Animation, Wolf Smoke Studio #scenery_illustration #fantasy_illustration #scifi_illustration