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  • Carolyn Garton

    For Valentine's Day children decorate special messages. They practice "heart word" sentences with their best kindergarten handwriting. Children love being expert readers and writers of emotionally powerful language. . . an engaging and authentic literacy experience from "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core", by Nellie Edge.

  • Nellie Edge

    We learn to write the power sentence "I love you" and then create secret messages to take home and hide around the house. Authentic, engaging writing-to-read experiences accelerate literacy! See photo essay from Katie Nelson's joyful all-day kindergarten. From "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core by Nellie Edge," Chapter 4.

  • Nellie Edge

    Kindergartners LOVE secret messages! They learn to write by writing real sentences that have personal meaning. The powerful sentence "I love you!" allows children to practice basic handwriting motions with secret messages that are taken home and hidden for families to find. From Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core:Joyful Pathways to Accelerated Literacy! by Nellie Edge. Updated 2014.

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Children learn to draw and label animals in their own really cool books, again practicing their heart words in a motivating and authentic context. They love to decorate their end page, remembering the chant "t-h-e e-n-d The End!" Strategy from "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core:Joyful Pathways to Accelerated Literacy" by Nellie Edge.

Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting is multisensory and differentiated, and is integrated into authentic writing, phonics, and word work. Photo essay from "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core" by Nellie Edge.

Writing the word "dog" requires the correct "o" formation. We systematically weave handwriting practice into "heart word" work, drawing, and writing workshop. From "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core by Nellie Edge," Chapter 4.

Children practice the high-frequency words "the end" in an authentic context on the backs of their "real cool" books. Once they have written their books, they love fancying up their end pages, producing unique and creative work. Read this blog for concise and powerful publishing strategies. For more in depth information, see Chapter 9 of "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core" by Nellie Edge.

PARENTS ARE PARTNERS in teaching HEART WORDS! After we have taught the children several of the pink "heart words," they get to take home a set of 16 words in a little "heart word" box. Once they have mastered pink "heart words," they will add purple and later yellow and green "heart words" to their gift box. We give children a crystal-clear and achievable target to work towards. From"Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core by Nellie Edge" (book and CD), Chapter 4.

Secret messages to take home and hide are a motivating reason to produce quality handwriting.

Beginning Writing Workshop-I would use this with the title of 'Illustrating' for older students who aren't as confident with their drawings.

Reading Activity: Secret Message Sight Words!

Enjoy this new Handwriting blog from NELLIE EDGE for authentic writing samples, practical tips, and FREE resources. "I love you" is our FIRST "heart word sentence" that gives children writing power! "Fall and Winter Handwriting Tips"

Tips for the Kindergarten writing workshop at the beginning of the year + a free printable alphabet chart!