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We learn to write "I love you" with good handwriting and spaces between words. Then we create secret messages to take home and hide around the house. Authentic, engaging writing-to-read experiences accelerate literacy! From Katie Nelson's joyful all-day kindergarten. Follow link to see photo essay: All Children Love to Write: I love you!

A Nellie Edge Kindergarten Writing Seminar strategy: Any time of year is a grand time to invite children to express gratitude and love by writing secret messages to take home and hide for their families to find... under their dad's pillow, in the refrigerator, under the computer. From "Sing, Sign, Spell, and Read! (CD, Anthology and Fingerspelling templates) by Nellie Edge.

Children learn to draw and label animals in their own really cool books, again practicing their heart words in a motivating and authentic context. They love to decorate their end page, remembering the chant "t-h-e e-n-d The End!" Strategy from "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core:Joyful Pathways to Accelerated Literacy" by Nellie Edge.

LOVE is a powerful pink "heart word" and one of the first we teach children to sing, sign, spell, and read. Once children know it "by heart," they get to take home a "heart word" necklace. See "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core:Joyful Pathways to Accelerarted Literacy" by Nellie Edge, Chapter 4. Watch FREE ASL INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO and learn to fingerspell and sing the "L-O-V-E Spells Love" song.

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Spring Math and Literacy No Prep Printables Kindergarten

Download free printables at preview. Spring writing- I like spring because....... Spring Math and Literacy No Prep - Kindergarten

Sample pages from “Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting, Phonics, and Word Work.” by Nellie Edge. Our goal in these short handwriting, phonics, and word work lessons is to help children focus, review handwriting skills, and practice in an authentic context. Notice that each page is unique and includes opportunity for creative thinking and writing.

This is a common core writing workstation! Everything is labeled and displayed so all of the students can start writing effectively. There is a writers checklist, a mini word wall, and an "I can" chart for all students.

From Engage students in Common Core opinion writing with the work "like" and "love.". To study optimum high-frequency word work and other Best Practices for kindergarten writing, see Professional Development credits available!

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Penguins - Positional Words Emergent Reader

Winter Common Core Positional Words for Kindergarten

FREE practice page from Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting, Phonics, and Word Work program by Nellie Edge.

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Fix it! Read it! Write it! - Sentence Unscramble Writing Practice

Sentence writing practice

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Nov Morning Message - Common Core ELA -Thanksgiving - Morning Work - DOL

Can Gobbles hide in your classroom? He is a writing challenged turkey who is looking for a place to hide until Thanksgiving. He teaches editing and letter writing skills to your students with daily letters to the children.

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kindergarten fall literacy and math activities. worksheets and centers. writing prompt.

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Talking to Kindergartners about Their Writing

Great post about supporting kindergarten writers! This girl has just completed a fluency activity where she practiced writing "heart word" sentences with good handwriting. Documentation is from an action- research project with Nellie Edge and Jaime Corliss.

Enjoy this audio. After children sing, sign, and spell "house," they label their drawings. "This Is My House" is the children's favorite song from the CD Sing, Sign, Spell, and Read! by Nellie Edge and Gina Edge. Photo from Winter Curry's kindergarten in September.

Kindergartners delight in learning how to draw and make twinkling, spiral and five-point stars. This provides an introduction to kindergarten-friendly handwriting. Learn more about this authentic approach to handwriting that incorporates the arts and multisensory teaching and learning.

@balancedlitdiet --> creative ways to support authentic reading and writing experiences for your kindergarteners!