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Erin Landmeier
Erin Landmeier • 44 weeks ago

We learn to write "I love you" with good handwriting and spaces between words. Then we create secret messages to take home and hide around the house. Authentic, engaging writing-to-read experiences accelerate literacy! From Katie Nelson's joyful all-day kindergarten. Follow link to see photo essay: All Children Love to Write: I love you!

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Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting is multisensory and differentiated, and is integrated into authentic writing, phonics, and word work. Photo essay from Writing-to-Read Accelerates Literacy.

Children learn to draw and label animals in their own really cool books, again practicing their heart words in a motivating and authentic context. They love to decorate their end page, remembering the chant "t-h-e e-n-d The End!" Strategy from "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core:Joyful Pathways to Accelerated Literacy" by Nellie Edge.

Cat and dog are handwriting anchor words in kindergarten. We learn to draw and write about cats. Drawing templates are free downloads from Writing to Read Accelerates Literacy. Follow the link to Member Resources.

LOVE is a powerful pink "heart word" and one of the first we teach children to sing, sign, spell, and read. Once children know it "by heart," they get to take home a "heart word" necklace. See "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core:Joyful Pathways to Accelerarted Literacy" by Nellie Edge, Chapter 4. Watch FREE ASL INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO and learn to fingerspell and sing the "L-O-V-E Spells Love" song.

Writing the word "dog" requires the correct "o" formation. We systematically weave handwriting practice into word work, drawing, and writing workshop. From "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core by Nellie Edge," Chapter 4.

Secret messages to take home and hide are a motivating reason to produce quality handwriting.

We teach high-frequency "heart words" through engaging multisensory strategies. Children have a crystal-clear target to work towards. The first set of 14-16 words are pink "heart words." From "Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core" by Nellie Edge, Chapter 4.

Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting begins with the letter "I" and songs and movement chants. Katie Nelson includes "heart word" and handwriting chants in the children's "I Can Read" notebook. Download the "I" Chant. Under the Free Poetry tab/September, find over 200 free songs, poems, chants, and rhymes for "I Can Read" notebooks.

Kindergarten-friendly handwriting is woven into strategies that also teach high-frequency "heart words." Fluency with handwriting supports children as kid writers. Enjoy the audio "L-o-v-e Spells Love" by following link.

CCSS: Mastery of this power word prepares children to more easily engage in opinon writing: My Favorite Animal... My Favorite Book... from Sing, Sign, Spell, and Read! CD and anthology.

Frog Spot: Kindergarten Writing Books Love the way she has the students practicing beginning reading and writing over the 5 day week.