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Gasp! Each November the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand transforms into the most mesmerizing lantern festival called yi peng.


Bridges park - Ireland.

Bridges Park- Ireland

Holi Festival - a Hindu spring tradition where people throw brightly colored, perfumed powder at each other in celebration of spring.

Jaw-dropping photo of the night sky taken by Tommy Eliassen in Finnmark, Norway, on September 25, 2011.

The Best Travel Photosfrom The Best Travel Photos

Seaside Lanterns, Ko Tao, Thailand.

Seaside Lanterns, Ko Tal, Thailand

Never cared much to visit Thailand but swimming with elephants sounds like something I should do in my life!

YES!! I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Still haven't done it though. Maybe I'll visit a french castle (or a chateau)


Celebrating summer with 11,000 lanterns

go to the summer solstice in Poznan, Poland - 11,000 lanterns

In a tiny corner of western Poland a forest of about 400 pine trees grow with a 90 degree bend at the base of their trunks - all bent northward. Surrounded by a larger forest of straight growing pine trees this collection of curved trees, or “Crooked Forest,” is a mystery.