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  • Shelly Bergin

    ankle word tattoo

  • Tattoos Addict

    See more tattoo ideas on believe butterfly ankle tattoo design ideas 873 - #873, #Ankle, #Believe, #Butterfly, #Design, #Ideas, #Tattoo

  • Julie Correia

    Placement for foot tattoo?

  • Luisa P

    believe tattoo

  • Emily Yuenger

    Ankle Bracelet Tattoos With Names | Ankle Tattoos Turtle By Gallery

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If I ever got up the courage to do another foot tattoo, this would be a great contender!

I'm SOOOO getting this tat!♡ It will continue up around my ankle with my boy's name and lily n there favorite color between each. This is my way of keeping my boy's all around me!!!

I think I need a charm bracelet on my ankle! Not exactly like this but similar.. Maybe my next tattoo, I can add "charms" to it . Hmm the possibilities!!

running fox (and dirty feet, tee hee)

my feet will follow closely in his steps. I like this font for the tattoo I want... And in that moment I swear, we were infinite.

Adore this tattoo but id have it done in a different place cause im 2 much of a wimp 2 get it on my must b agony!

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Might not work because of the tattoo already on my foot but I still want it

small tattoos for women | Butterfly Foot Tattoos Designs For 2011 ~ beauty and fitness

foot tattoo - spot for an eagle?

Awesome top-of-the-foot tattoos....I ❤ the peacock feather one, might even have to get one kinda similar to it whenever I can finally get around to it after hopefully getting my tatts I've already HAD to be touched back up....THEN we'll see about any other/new tattoos!! 😜 hehe 😊

I love tats but foot tattoos annoy me. So tacky and trashy looking for a woman with any class... and ruins the look of sexy shoes seriously.