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i'm in love with this man.

ryan #Mens Fashion #Men Fashion|

eye candy ryan gosling 5 Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Gosling (30 photos)

ryan #Mens Fashion #Men Fashion|

Brian Bowen Smith - Editorial 2 I Copious Management

ryan #Men Fashion #Mens Fashion

ryan gosling - nice shot!

ryan gosling, hottie!

white shirt

continuarte: “Ryan Gosling, Brian Bowen Smith shoot for Entertainment Weekly, 2007 ”

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gossling: "Hey Girl, I hope someday to get my own bubble on the genogram of your life."

Hey Girl...why do these Ryan Gosling things crack me up so much??

Social Work Ryan Gosling. So funny! At least for social workers.

Ryan Gosling/Social Worker Humor @Katie Malaspina @Maura Cahill

the sexiest Polaroid the world ever saw... #RyanGosling

Ryan Gosling - This man is made of dreams and rainbows

Hey girl social workers <3YES YES

Hey Girl for Social Workers // Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling #polaroid Love the hair Rob Lowe. This man is 48. #actors #film #covers makeup ?

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling…Sexiest Man of the Day! #sexy #male #celebrity #RyanGosling

I would like to come home to this everyday. Ryan Gosling with a flaming bottle of vodka. just for me!

Ryan Gosling, Canadian actor - Don't ask me why he's got a Molotov cocktail, though.

Hey girl, this picture is in dire need of a caption. (Ryan Gosling)

Ryan Gosling with a flaming bottle of vodka. Alright. Sure.

Ryan Gosling with a Molotov cocktail

Ryan Gosling..... HOT DAMN!

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Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Gosling (30 photos)

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling and puppies? Two of the best things God ever made. Obsessed with him.

Every Picture Of Ryan Gosling And His Dog On The Internet - BuzzFeed Mobile

Every Picture Of Ryan Gosling And His Dog On The Internet

Mr. Gosling... Ryan Gosling. And his dog George!

Ryan Gosling Check out the website for more

A man (sexy Ryan Gosling) and his dog.

Ryan Gosling and his dog George

hot guy + dog = yes please

ryan & George.

The Berryfrom The Berry

Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Gosling (31 photos)

Ryan Gosling

Raindrops: Ryan Gosling. (Why is wet so sexy?!!)

Ryan Gosling=perfection=do 50 more situps today.

Ryan Gosling. Sexy beast...enough said.

I want a Ryan Gossling for Christmas

Raindrops: Ryan Gosling. marry me.

Ryan Gosling=perfection😍😍😍😘

Eye Candy Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling... HOT

Oh lord. Ryan <3

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, three piece suit... i dunno if which i like most: men on suit or...

Black Pin Stripe 3Piece Suit... the eye candy isn't half bad either!

Ryan Gosling, three piece suit. Excuse me while I faint.

Ryan Gosling. i could pin pics of this man all day!

Ryan Gosling, three piece suit...the man has style!

Ryan Gosling, three piece suit - Holy Mackerel.

Ryan Gosling, three piece suit, beard...yes.

I love a 3 piece suit... + Ryan Gosling

three piece suit worn by #RyanGosling

Ryan Gosling

I know Bradley Cooper was named 'Sexiest Man Alive'...but my heart and vote still goes to one spectacular and blazing hot Canadian boy, by the name of Ryan Gosling.

What's up with the "Hey girl..." Ryan Gosling stuff??? Did I miss something?

foot massage....these Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" pins tickle my funnybone...

Anatomy reference? Be still my heart." data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Anatomy humor AND Ryan Gosling? Does it get any better???

Tugging on my heart strings!

#ryangosling #heygirl

Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Gosling (18 photos)

Today has been a good day, lots of catching up on some much needed "creating" time.  After doing a few quickie household to-do's and walking my pooch in the 40 degree sunshine I rushed in and did a little surfing on pinterest (yes, I love that site) and yes, the "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling *pins* CRACK me right up! Text from Dawn:  "Hey Girl, why you want to die-cut that heart, when you've already got mine?" Text from Donna to Dawn:  "hahahahahaha" {{Yes...I added the font to the pic, I couldn't help myself, thank you RaSonda for the idea! }} Yes, I love my friends and I {heart} them dearly for making my days lighter and brighter. May your {heart} be happy and blessed. ~DonnaK


A Collection of the Best Ryan Gosling Running Memes #2: Hey girl, tonight let's stay in and make new routes on mapmyrun.

Ryan Gosling. Another perfect example. (: I find it sexy when men cross their arms casually like Ryan is doing. Dream Boy... Please cross your arms and lean up against something (; Thank you! (:

hilarious gosling meme | Ryan Gosling sets a lot of hearts afluttersalsaryangosling:Hey girl ...

ryan gosling - classic watch + classic white shirt maketh a man.

Ryan Gosling my future husband...he just doesnt know it yet :)

ryan future husband will be very similar :)

Ryan Gosling. BIG fan. beautiful-people

hello #RyanGosling

Eye candy!!!

Us Weeklyfrom Us Weekly

Ryan Gosling Saves Woman from Getting Hit by an NYC Taxi

Ryan Gosling

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand.. Some of them I've seen but most I was doubled over laughing. Oh Ryan gosling.

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand I love me a Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme!

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand... i laughed for like and hour!

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand Could not resist this.

Community Post: 31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand

#RyanGosling #HeyGirl

Hot Guy Friday: Ryan Gosling -- The Sexiest Man Alive in 2012! (Or 20-Anything) | Hollywire

I have been stumbling upon the teacher version of the Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" meme on Pinterest, and think it's very amusing.  (Click here for the original tumblr, "F*** Yeah, Ryan Gosling.") I showed this one to my 7th grade son, and he totally didn't get it. This next one really appeals to me, because…

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

13 Steps To Get You Through The Heatwave

Ryan Gosling

#Ryan #Gosling #photo #shoot #hot #guy #man %sexy #rain #tattoos #fit

Ryan Gosling - Interview magazine 11/10 - Photo by Mikael Jansson

ryan gosling interview magazine november 2010 02

Ryan Gosling pour Interview Magazine.

Ryan Gosling - ryan-gosling Photo

valentine hey girl - Bing Images


Your daily dose of eye candy ! ;)


Ryan Gosling

We love him. A lot. Virginia Templeton likes younger men- and older men - she loves all men!

i really appreciate these detroit hey girl memes

We love him. A lot. I think I love all men!

Hey Girl, Detroit. This just made my day.

Ryan Gosling. this man makes me drool

(Photo: Hey Girl Tumblr)

hey girl #ryangosling

My future husband <3

Eye Candy

ryan gosling

ryan gosling / crazy stupid love CRAZY STUPID, FLAWLESS !!!!!! Come visit my online store at; Mention: Ryan G. man and get a discount Shell : )

Ryan Gosling portrays the character of Jacob Palmer, he's explaining how to get a girl in bed. slip, dirty dancing into the conversation......from the movie "Crazy,Stupid,Love"

Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love #film #movie #actor #men

ryan gosling - crazy stupid love... Look at that butt!! YUM

ryan gosling - crazy stupid love: what an amazing a$$!!!

Crazy Stupid Love #ryangosling

Ryan Gosling....dat ass.

eye candy

Click HERE for random hotties! ...

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling- (The Notebook), Remember the titans), (Half Nelson). More

Ryan Gosling... always picture him in the notebook with his old style boxers and no shirt... maybe its just me :)

I would honestly sell my soul for him #RyanGosling

Ryan Gosling. I've loved him since the Notebook.

Ryan Gosling- this man is perfection!

Ryan Gosling....marry me!

Can you Say EYE CANDY!

Ryan Gosling = hottie

More celebs/beautiful people here

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling playing guitar... Hot! He just wants me to come over & keep him to myself ;)

Ryan Gosling playing guitar... Hot damn! Love when a boy plays the the guitar. Ryan Gosling playing guitar... Hot!

Dead Man's Bones... Ryan Gosling playing guitar...

hey girl, even i cant resist ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling playing guitar...enough said

Ryan Gosling.... plays guitar...

Ryan Gosling+Guitar.. perfect.

Marilyn Monroe & James Dean Click here to download Tim McGraw... You're welcome. Click here to download Miranda Kerr Style - Fashion and Beauty Photos of Miranda Kerr - ELLE Click here to download Ryan Gosling playing guitar... Hot! Click here to download Lauren Conrad Click here to download

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling. Because every office needs eye candy. We'd give the title 'Head of Handsome'. Yep, we're THAT shallow.

I would take Ryan Gosling smoking a cigarette anyday... and I dont even think smoking is attractive... hahaha

Ryan Gosling - The Gos is always on my list when casting for a hot man with perfect abs and just enough angst.

now THAT would've been a good marlboro man ad. yum. ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling is such a beautiful man!!!!

Ryan Gosling smoking #ryangosling

Hey girl. Ryan Gosling

ryan gossling


Ryan Gosling.

It's all about the tailoring. #businessstyle #streetstyle #fashion #mensfashion #mensstyle #urbanstyle #citylife #forhim #men #fashion #casual #urban - instegram by elli_ess

I didn't know if I should put this under "Things to Wear" or "Things we love" It's Ryan Gosling, so he fits in every category! #men #mensstyle #mensfashion #ryangosling

first- i love this movie!!!( Crazy Stupid Love) and second, Ryan Gosling can have me any day <3 yummmmmy

Ryan Gosling just being Ryan G big #Mens Fashion #Men Fashion|

Ugh. ALL MEN SHOULD DRESS LIKE THIS! #mens #fashion #fall #gentlemen #classy #sexy #style #men

Ryan Gosling shows just ANOTHER reason why I love him - He is SUCH a well-dressed man...

Ryan Gosling fashion in Crazy, Stupid Love.

Ryan Gosling, always looking good. #ryangosling #mensfashion #fashion

#mens #fashion Good from:

Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Gosling

Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Celebrities|

Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Gosling do we need any more reasons for this?

Ryan Gosling.... Ryan Gosling.... Ryan Gosling.... <3

Did you really think i would forget Ryan Gosling?

Sweat pants or suit...Christian Grey

Ryan Gosling's hair. Length on top.

Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Gosling. YUM

Ryan Gosling -> hot :)

ryan freaking gosling

Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Gosling

Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Gosling/••••He's just way too cute for himself!!

Ahhh..Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Gosling beaute

Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Gosling # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Don't usually like blondes but HELLO Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling my #3 imaginary boyfriend

Ryan Gosling #Ryan #Gosling <3

I love me some Ryan Gossling.

Ryan.... Marry me???

HELLO Ryan Gosling