Gingerbread Wreath

Gingerbread ornaments

Gingerbread wreath

gingerbread man


Cookie Christmas Wreath

Make your Christmas card from each year into an ornament. look back and see how much you've each grown year to year!

Christmas decorating idea

Love this instead of a traditional .wreath!

Gingerbread Man Felt Hanging

Bottle Cap Christmas Wreath

gingerbread men wreath...So cute! Make from Felt

Card Display Wreath Made from Clothespins | 51 Hopelessly Adorable DIY Christmas Decorations

Kid's Wreath

Christmas idea

Photo Wreath how to! More DIY wreath ideas...

Use a pack of dollar store snowflakes for this. Glue in a circle.

Gingerbread Man Decoration

Cute Gift: Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath--this could be adapted for Halloween or Thanksgiving Hostess gifts, as well

Gingerbread shelf sitters!!! ~ Ohmygosh, I can't believe how adorable (& simple) these are, MUST MAKE SOME!!!

These are so pretty and smell so nice ... Perfect to hang in my kitchen!