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Be still my beating, black Gothic heart: Trent Reznor in the video for the "Perfect Drug". And with Absinthe. Perfection.

I love nine inch nails . I’m listening to free music Of nine inch nails now at streaming radio. Check it out !

Sid Vicious...couldn't play for shit, but let's face it..he was the poster child for punk.

The Who, The Loudest Band in The World? Maybe, but definitely one of The Best EPIC ROCK BANDS EVER!! ... Who's Next? Ted Eat your spinach & ROCK ON!! LOL!! TP

The Prodigy. Mixed Dance, Punk and Hardcore for a unique sound that is instantly recognizable. Music for the Jilted Generation onward and they were unstoppable. All their albums classics.

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Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails