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I had this problem when I went saw the Hunger Games at that part with the really high pitched sound when she blows up the supplies

Yep!I cannot explain to you how true this is or how pathetic it is that it made me laugh!

I'm gonna try these


This is accurate.

Young people need to understand this...if you like expensive things then you need to work HARD

This is so us!

Game of thrones


Just hoping Lana sees this... : ) If not I'll just have to craft something for her with these words, (paint, sew, cross stitch... Can't decide).

lol so true quotes | Added: Aug. 2, 2013 | Image size: 500 x 409 px | More from: music-is ... all theses but a few

Oooooh yeah.

Another combination of similar browns and blues that looks very inviting to me. I could be comfortable in here.


Difference between type 1 and type 2 Diabetes...they thought i was type 2 but come to find out after my surgery im a type 1

This is true.


Is this real

My Lauren ♥



Hahaha I love my job buuut...who wouldn't wanna sleep in everyday & stay up every night? Hah! :)

Of course Riley FERGUSON is a Scottish breed!! :) Dogs Of The World Grouped By Their Geographic Origins Check more at


Dirty Dancing