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WOW Really. Ok to be honest I kinda want these for my dog and cat.

Bulldogs with frog hats. Bulldogs with frog hats. Bulldogs with frog hats.

I'll be watching!

My sweet pup stares at me when I'm eating, or doing any and everything. With his big Boston eyes he doesn't miss a thing! ::: this is true of every Boston i have known. Got to love them all.

Snoring French Bulldog

Tiny Confessions: The Secret Thoughts of Dogs, Cats and Everything: Christopher Rozzi

Boston Terrier's squishy sleepy I've-got-my-eye-on-you face.

I would name him gator!

My husband is a funny man, it's why I fell in love with him <3

I am not a little dog person and I will never have a Frenchie simply because I won't pay two grand for a dog (I'll keep adopting muts), but French bulldogs kill me! The are so freaking cute!