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Why Does Gatorade Relieve Headaches?

by Kim Nunley
Headaches can be caused by a large variety of reasons, but some headaches that you may suffer from are caused by dehydration, or a lack of necessary fluid in your body. Gatorade, the popular sports drink,may help alleviate your dehydration-related headaches even better than water alone. Instead of t...
  • Sarah

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  • Terri Weinrich

    Gatorade helps alleviate dehydration related headaches almost as fast as pain killers. Presence of carbs allows fluid to be absorbed 7x faster. Works an hour after drinking 16 oz. (or 2 glasses). Look for low calorie strip at the top of the label.

  • Julie Gennoe

    This really does help. Doesn't always get rid of the whole headache but it does make life more live able. Why Does Gatorade Relieve Headaches? | LIVESTRONG.COM


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  • Claire DeMaio

    Gatorade is even more effective in treating dehydration-related headaches than water! Don't forget this tip. GATORADE TREATS HEADACHES!

  • Joanne Lawrence

    Gatorade for Headaches: the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, the presence of carbohydrates allows the fluid to be absorbed seven times faster than if you were to just consume water. It should take approximately an hour for you to start feeling better after drinking 16 oz. of Gatorade, but you should continue to consume more of the sports drink beyond the time that you start to feel better. It's suggested that you sip the drink slowly to prevent your stomach from becoming water-logged.

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