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    • DonnaJean McWhite

      German company Burk Braun sold Radium Schokolade between 1931 and 1936. It was promoted as chocolate that would make the consumer younger.

    • francesco soldano

      la mania delle radiazioni invase anche il mangiare :chocolato radioattivo -580.jpg (580×269)

    • Amanda Jane

      Radium Chocolate

    • Sandy Williams

      household items from the past pics | Radioactive products from the past that people actually used

    • stefan makruk

      Radioactive Chocolate Bar, c.1931. The German company claimed it made people younger! #radium

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    Prehistoric Evidence Of Sophisticated Prosthetics In Ancient Egypt - Artificial Toes Helped Egyptians Walk

    Photo from an era long before photoshop is said to be genuine.

    Moody Jacobs shows a giant bruise on the side his patient, Ann Hodges, after she became the only person in history to have been struck by a meteorite. [1954]

    One of the greatest mysteries of all time is the stones vases of Egypt. Thousands of vases have been found in and around the pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser in Saqqara, about 30 km south of Cairo. These stone vases originate from before 2800 BCE. They are made of hard rock materials such as diorite, gneiss and granite and require heavy-duty machinery such as diamond drills, diamond saws, cylinder bores, grinders, etc., all of which did not exist in those days.

    A Place of Brightness: The Shugborough Inscription Deciphered

    On the grounds of Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire, England, there is a sculpture that has invited the wits of many in an attempt to decode an inscription. Although the Shepherd’s Monument was constructed back in the 18th century, the letters were never solved. The inscription is a sequence of letters - D O U O S V A V V M, carved on the 18th-century Shepherd's Monument below a mirror image of Nicolas Poussin's painting, the Shepherds of Arcadia. It has never been satisfactorily explained.

    The "Lady of Mali" (Africa) is located on a high rock wall over a abyss. The head is about 25 meters high, while the entire sculpture is about 150 meters high. It is clear that there is even in this part of Africa, evidence of an ancient advanced civilization now forgotten.

    amam Shud case Considered to be one of Australias most profound mysteries, the Tamam Shud Case revolves around an unidentified man found dead in December 1948 on Somerton beach in Adelaide, Australia. Aside from the fact that the man could never be identified, the mystery deepened after a tiny piece of paper with the words Tamam Shud was found in a hidden pocket sewn within the dead mans trousers. (It is also referred to as Taman Shud.)

    Kryptos Kryptos is a mysterious encrypted sculpture designed by artist Jim Sanborn which sits right outside the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, Va. It's so mysterious, in fact, that not even the CIA has completely cracked the code.

    This man got struck by lightning three times in his life - WTF fun facts

    Cow carcass found on telephone wire in Winslow N.J. in 1960's. The carcass was found hanging from the wires of a telephone pole. People in the area believed that the JERSEY DEVIL dragged it up the pole.

    Pink Dolphin October 2012 -According to NOAA, there have only been 14 recorded sightings of albino Bottlenose Dolphins throughout the world, since the first reported sighting in 1962. - Click image to find more animals Pinterest pins

    Juan Baptista dos Santos (born in Portugal in 1843) was known as "The 3-legged Man." In addition to his three legs he also happened to have two penises, both very active. Around this same time, Blanche Dumas was making her name as the "3-legged Courtesan." Like Santos, she had three legs, two sets of genitals and reportedly a voracious sexual appetite. Dumas and Santos met in Paris and had a torrid (and rather well publicized) relationship.

    In 1953, miners at the Lion Coal Mine in Wattis, Utah were digging a new tunnel, and broke into an already existing system. The coal found in these tunnels was so old and weathered, it was useless for burning. Further exploration revealed not only the tunnels, but centralized rooms where coal was brought prior to being taken to the surface. Investigators followed the coal seams in the same way as today. Yet none of the North American Indian tribes ever used coal.

    This is the world's largest living Organism, it's roots cover 800 hectares. It is edible but does not taste very good.

    What happens when a very young child's complete skeleton is found intact with an already-formed and perfect elongated skull? What can the explanation be for this strange anatomical feature? The cranial binding theory can be dismissed since the child didn't live long enough for the process to have an effect. So how did this child develop an elongated skull so early in life? This is one example that modern science chooses to avoid like the plague - because it has no answer.

    Riddle within sculpture outside HQ has baffled cryptographers for 20 years

    Charles A. Dellschau..When he died at the great age of 92 in 1923, Texas butcher Charles A. Dellschau left behind a secret and a mystery. These were a series of note books, filled with paintings of fantastic flying machines, which only came to light when his descendants had a clearout.

    What they found was so surreal that one thirty-year ranger described it as the strangest thing he had ever seen. It appeared as though Charles had “melted” right into his jeans while sitting on a log. His pants hadn’t been disturbed by animals or removed before his death. There were socks in his jeans and there were toe bones in the socks, but these ended with a bit of broken tibia. The rest of Charles was mysteriously absent from the site of his demise. A thorough search of the lonesome …

    World’s Most Mysterious Manuscript It’s a book by an unknown author in a language no one understands. Officially, it is known as Beinecke MS 408

    This reminds me of the Strid. Really beautiful and kind of innocuous-looking, but absolutely terrifying.

    Here are some creepy locations from around the world that actually exist.

    This is the Black Knight, an object of unknown origin that has been circling the Earth for as long as we know. In fact we knew about it even before we ourselves had space travel.

    Baltic Sea Anomaly ~ A company that locates and finds sunken ships recently turned up an unusual circular or oval formation in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Sweden on June 19, 2011. This HUGE object is still being investigated, but the resemblance to Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon has made the object a hot topic on UFO and paranormal web sites. The fact that it seems to be composed of natural minerals raises questions.

    "During the process of digging and removing rock, a strangely shaped hole was found at Vikeneset, Norway. The hole looks like a seven-pointed star, has a 6cm diameter and runs into the massive rock. About 4 meters of the hole is dug out, but it seems to continue horizontally into the mountain."