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Medical Radium

Chocolate Yum

Radioactive Chocolate

German Chocolate Bars

Chocolat Radium

Eating Radium

Radium Chocolate

German company Burk & Braun sold Radium Schokolade between 1931 and 1936. It was promoted as chocolate that would make the consumer younger.

Antique Bottle

Vintage Medical

Heroin Bottle

Bayer Heroin

Medicine Bottles

Bayer Brand

Medical History

Vintage Ads

Vintage Medicine

Bayer Heroin

Retro Ads

Mad Men

Indelicate Women

Vintage Ads

Sexist Ads

Vintage Advertising

Vintage Adverts

Vintage Advertisements

Deodorant ad from the 1920's. "Society simply won't stand for indelicate women".

Robot 1909

Retro Robotics

Automaton Man

Art Robots

Robots Ruled

Bearded Robots

Vintage Robots

Unreal Robots

Bearded Robot - 1909

Century Nigerian

Antelope Skin

19Th Century

African Masks

African Art

Late 20Th Century

African Art

Late 19th-early 20th century, African art from Nigeria. The mask is built on a real human skull, hung with antelope skin, and covered with human hair on the skull and chin.

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INCREDIBLE Sharp & Dohme Chocolate Coated Strychnine Cork Top Paper Label Bottle

Vintage Bottles

Vintage Medicines

Medicine Bottles

Poison Chocolate

Medical History

Strychnine Chocolate

Coated Strychnine

Chocolate-coated Strychnine

Cigarette Ads

Winston Cigarettes

Vintage Ads

Bad Ads

Vintage Cigarette

Vintage Advertising

A cigarette company is trying to influence a pregnant mother to smoke their brand of cigarettes because they taste good and because it will make the baby skinnier when it is born.

African Americans


American History

Civil War

Slave Trade

Slave Auction

Black History

So Sad

Great Sale of Slaves

Dam 1936

Hoover Dam

Water 1936

American History

Rare Photo

Vintage Photo


On March 1, 1936, the Hoover Dam was completed. More than 5,000 people were employed by six Companies to construct the dam. Construction began in 1931 and over 100 workers died.

Left Handedness

Handed Children

Handicap 1936

Kindergarten Teachers

Serious Handicap

Coffee Table Books

"To correct this serious handicap." 1936.

German Soldiers Wwar 2

Young German

Choose Death

Civilians Josef

A young German soldier (pictured center left, without helmet) refuses to participate in the execution of 16 Yugoslav civilians. He positioned himself within the group and was executed for disobeying his NCO. He choose death instead of killing hopeless civilians. His name was Josef Schulz.

Bedside Cigarettes

Bedside 1950S

Vintage Photos

Buying Cigarettes

1950S Hospital

Selling Cigarettes

Buying cigarettes at the bedside 1950's

Powered Vibrator

Mechanical Vibrator

Victorian Vibrator

First Vibrator

Manipulator Pictured

Powered Manipulators

Manipulators Invented

One of the first steam-powered "Manipulators", invented by Dr. George Taylor in 1869. Sold as medical devices to treat "hysteria" in women. In other words, it's an antique dildo.

Gruesome Evidence

It'S Creepy

Mccurdy Flickr

Creepy Weird

Flickr Photo

Creepy Imagine

Elmer Mccurdy

It S Creepy

Creepy Stuff

While filming an episode of ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ in a funhouse in Long Beach, someone adjusted a dummy which hung from a noose & accidentally broke it's arm off. While gluing it back on, they saw what looked like a real bone. Turned out to be the mummified remains of Elmer McCurdy, an escaped criminal from the Oklahoma pen who had been killed in a shoot out. His body had been sold to a museum where they charged a quarter to view it.

Radium Spray

Furniture Polish

Furniture Spray

Killer Furniture

Polishes Furniture

Old Ads

Vintage Ads

Actual Add

Vintage Advertising

Radium -- it does it all!

Asbestos Mining

Asbestos Ads

Asbestos Materials

Asbestos Advertisements

Vintage Ads

Dangerous Asbestos

Vintage Advertising

Vintage Advertisements

c. 1937

African American

American History

Owens Wins

Jesse Owens

Black History

Although it's an incredibly chilling time in history, it's an amazing photo. Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics which were held in Nazi Germany.

German Women

Weimar Germany

Wwii Holocaust

Army Prisoners

Concentration Camps

War Ii

Ww Ii

We talked to them [the prisoners] and in my very limited German I say to them, “We’re Americans - we will save you!” but they don’t say anything. They don’t yell. They don’t cheer. They just stand there, silently. They’re beyond making a noise. They’re beyond having a voice. Prisoner shows him the stoves. He says dont forget. I couldnt. Even if I wanted to.

1940'S Ads

Vintage Drug Ads

Sexist Vintage Ads

Vintage Ads 1950S

Retro Ads

Vintage Ads Funny

Vintage Ads Sexist

Vintage Advertising

Vintage Advertisements

'Stay Fit & Trim with Amphetamines!' What could POSSIBLY go wrong? Funny Vintage Advertising.

Care Listerine

Dental Listerine

Listerine History

Floor Cleaners

Listerine Invented

Listerine Enguaje

Listerine Began

Listerine Bottle

Famoso Listerine

Before it was sold over-the-counter for oral care, did you know that Listerine was initially invented in the 19th century as a surgical antiseptic, and later as a floor cleaner and cure for gonorrhea? Photo Credit | Britta Gustafson