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  • DonnaJean McWhite

    German company Burk Braun sold Radium Schokolade between 1931 and 1936. It was promoted as chocolate that would make the consumer younger.

  • Adam Sterling

    Radium chocolate. An open box of this is always open somewhere in the Mesa Lair.

  • John O'Leary

    Radioactive Chocolate bar, 1930s

Related Pins does...beautifully. WAIT! I THOUGHT THAT SAID "GLOW"! In which case...SHIT!

ca. 1889, “Traitment de l’ataxie locomotrice. Par la suspension.”, from Nouvelle iconographie de la Salpêtriêre, Société de neurologie de Paris

1901 - Mustache Trainer ... just 5 minutes a day and the unruly beast is tamed for the entire day! #vintagebeauty

On this day, March 1, 1936, the Hoover Dam was completed. More than 5,000 people were employed by Six Companies, Inc. to construct the dam. Construction began in 1931 and over 100 workers died.

Can we ATOMIZE the ARCTIC? odd... it looks a bit like a greeting card.

  • Austin Larkin

    I'd have no problem with legalising weed IF the people who chose to use it remain responsible for their actions. If it gets legalised and some idiot smokes weed all day instead of being a member of a functioning society I don't want to have to pay their welfare. If you use and get lung cancer, polmonary disease, or depression, it's on you. The government and society don't want your medical bills. There are plenty of people who need help who aren't actively hurting themselves.

  • Elksong Jewelry

    Austin, I agree & would like to see that same restrictions in help/welfare applied to morons who drink all day & end up developing chronic health conditions, losing jobs or causing traffic fatalities or idiots who chain smoke cigarettes & destroy their health, knowing full well the medical risks involved or cretins who purposely eat lousy, fast food diets & develop, oh, colon cancer and especially those who irresponsibly over-breed and have children they know they can't support. I & other tax-payers in society shouldn't have to pay their welfare! If they ruin their lives by these actions & develop lung disease, cancer, cardio-pulmonary disease, it's on them! The government & tax-payers shouldn't be shouldered with their medical bills or welfare burdens. Oh, and don't even get me started on people who drink too much coffee! Or don't get any exercise & become morbidly obese, etc.**Satiric rant, we ALL engage in "actively hurting" ourselves, on some level; where do we draw the line?

  • Austin Larkin

    Cherie, you draw the line every day in most aspects of your life. You don't pay for your co-worker's lunch because they spent their money on cigs, do you? Do you pay your neighbors' mortgages' when they make a bad business decision and get fired? No and you don't because their actions demand their personal responsibility. Just like all the people you described above have personal responsibility for their health. Do what you want, that is your freedom, but don't expect other to pay your consquences.

  • Elksong Jewelry

    Exactly what I'm saying, we are in total agreement! :)

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manufactured by The Fraser Tablet Company were marketed for the relief of asthma.

"To correct this serious handicap." 1936 LOL Have to laugh. I had a kindergarten teacher who tried to "convert" me and that was in 1969.

  • Frances Flegel

    At my Catholic school, Sister didn't try to change us at all, but we were seated near each other I think she found it easier that way when she helped us with our work. This was in 1944.

  • Frances Flegel

    So Darryl, not all nuns were the same!

  • Kraig

    My mom tried that with me too.

  • Kacy Gradney

    My husbands grandpa switched him. My sons prek teacher tried last year but no he's too stubborn.

  • Janice Fountain

    Me too, the nun would rap my knuckles with the pointer. That year I got an award for penmanship(with my left hand). I still have it.

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Howard Carter investigating the coffin of Tutankhamun in 1922.

The Living Skeleton with PT Barnum Carte de visite. On the back of this photo is handwritten: "I.W. Sprague Age 29 years Height 5ft 5 1/2 inch Weight 46 lbs"

The Bearded Lady ~K~ I not a big believer in the whole "breaded lady" genre. I am a little suspicious. If you look at 'her' from the nose up 'she' has very masculine features. How easy would it have been for a man to be billed as a "Bearded Lady"

  • Kristina B.

    Sure, there are genetic conditions which cause people to excessively grow hair, but I bet some of the bearded ladies were just men in skirts, so they could make a few bucks.

  • Marlissa Cunningham

    Well that's possible. There's a certain amount of theatrics that have always been in freak shows. Like Fiji mermaids. Also, they could've been hermaphroditic. If so they would've had female genitalia even if they developed more testosterone later. Because doctor basically just chopped off the boy parts if

  • Marlissa Cunningham

    They were born with both.

  • Marlissa Cunningham

    Or some women just had excess testosterone that caused them to be more masculine in appearance and excess

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