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How to Remove Tarnish From Fake Jewelry

by Shauna Zamarripa
Even though fake jewelry, otherwise known as costume or fashion jewelry, may not be the real thing, that does not stop necklaces, rings and trinkets from accumulating tarnish and dust as quickly as their precious metal counterparts. To keep your costume jewelry sparkling like new, you can easily rem...
  • Sybil Johnson

    How to Remove Tarnish From Costume Jewelry - OK, this actually didn't work for me. Anyone else got any ideas? I have a fake wedding band to wear during my pregnancy that is turning orange!

  • Jill Coffey Gilbert

    What Cleans Silver? | eHow

  • Dee Bosworth

    How to Remove Tarnish From Fake Jewelry *Totally worked on my silver earrings! Some took 2-3 hours of soaking but the tarnish wiped off easily and they were shiny again.

  • Suri

    How to Make Small Photos for Lockets

  • Xzigalia Ni Siochfhradha

    What Does Oxidized Silver Mean?

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