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  • Monyelle Mingo

    Mom walking bride down the aisle- I don't want anyone else to walk me

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They dated for 15 years before getting married, I love that! I wouldn't wait that long, but I do think people should wait longer than one, two or three years before even getting engaged. And I personally think they should be engaged for more than a year, live together before being engaged also. Really get to know each other, love each other's flaws, work on who you are as a person (it really helps build a relationship, when you can accept your faults and make an effort to be a better you)

Cool things Offbeat Brides have done using stuff available from | Offbeat Bride

CEREMONY ALTAR DECOR-- diy driftwood arch would be a fun (& long) project but with more than a year before our wedding I think it could be do-able!!(however I think ours would be more like a house facade, with two tall sides and a roof like top)

The dresses get lighter until they turn white when the bride walks down the aisle. I LOVE THIS IDEA!

We love this idea of using photos as envelope liners! These in particular were made for wedding invites by The DIY Bride. Rad.

What I like about this one is the box about where you're from. I don't like the 1-10 scale or the why I'm really here part.

24 Grooms Blown Away By Their Beautiful Brides...I would love to see these kind of reactions.

Phao Photography - Andriana in J'aton Couture-- ahhhh so gorgeous!!

First Look for mom AND dad. I'm doing this, if nothing else, I'm doing this.

Although I believe posting wedding stuff without being engaged is beyond lame I just had to pin different

cool idea so the top tier is your wedding cake to cut and keep, and the cupcakes are for the guests--don't have to cut the cake