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    ahh, the famous duck face. its called the duck face for a reason. . . you look like a duck! and thats not a good thing.

    Move away from the cancer causing UV lamps people!! You'll turn into a teak side-board or a leather sofa.

    Go Duck Dynasty!



    The awkward moment when you realise no one wants to catch you crowd surfing…. *for more pics, check out

    sue the plastic surgeon...

    How Not To Pose With Your Dog hahah!

    seriously ever since i saw the first person like this in the guinness book of world records, that has been the thought that has ALWAYS plagued me...same thing for chicks who get ridiculously long nails put on..i just cannot wrap my mind around that..



    It's True

    excuse me



    makes me laugh EVERY time!: Giggle, Faces, Water Balloons, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Waterballoon

    I laughed so hard and agreed so much.


    ♥ Duck Dynasty. I snorted I laughed so hard when I watched this episode. Si is great!