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This is why I need my dog here

There's Always A Happy Face Waiting For You.No matter how crappy your day is, There is always a happy face waiting for you to get home.

Dogs ARE better than people!

if you love dogs, read "racing in the rain" by Garth is a classic dog book.

Yep! Dog whisperer. Better company from dog usually too. Lol!

Funny pictures about I Am That One Person. Oh, and cool pics about I Am That One Person. Also, I Am That One Person photos.

Thank you to all of you who have helped a creature in need. You are Special. Always adopt - never shop.

The Circle beautiful_stories poems animals rescue Thank you to all of you who read this that has helped a creature in need. You are Special.

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Except I would say this backwards . Love dogs and therefore: Keep Calm. Its documented that having a dog lowers your blood pressure.

Dog children

Funny Baby Ecard: Yes, my dogs are my children. Yes, I'm going to talk about them as much as you talk about your kids. GET OVER IT. My cats too

This is my Zaynie! Lol

Free, Somewhat Topical Ecard: Once again my ferocious bark has saved my family from being brutally murdered by the mailman. The backyard is also squirrel free.

Love earth tones

We can Judge the Heart of a man by his treatment of Animals. ~Immanuel Kant *Please Spay, Neuter & Save a Life ~ Adopt from shelter/rescue ♥


On the left the paw of a Gray wolf (Canis lupus), on the right the hand of Jim Dutcher, a large, grown up man. To give you an impression how big Gray wolves are. Another comparison here Picture by Jim and Jamie Dutcher

dogs never die... a theory.

I needed this! Rest in peace baby Kai Why Dogs Never Actually Die. This Guy Nails It.

Paws for thought Unconditional love

So true. it's the only♥ If it wasn't for that fact, I would never have known the sweetest, purest love and unconditional love.

A millionaire in heart ... #coachbarn #quotes

If I had a dollar for every time my dog made me smile I 'd be a millionaire !

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16 Dog Quotes That Will Melt Your Heart

Animal quote: "Petting, scratching and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation, and almost as good for the soul as prayer.

I've yet to find a more loyal & trustworthy love

There's A Dog On My Quilt Pattern

"Leave my dog. For without the love of that precious soul, I'd be truly alone" - very true!

Must give some love

Funny pictures about Dog Lover. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Lover. Also, Dog Lover photos.