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How Trauma Affects the Brain

How trauma affects the brain: The primary task of the brain remains self-preservation and propagating of the species. The functions of the reptilian and mammalian brains will always override the neo-cortex, as our very survival is dependent upon this. Because threat has a far more immediate and powerful consequence than reward, the brain is overdetermined to sense and respond to danger.

AMYGDALA the emotional part of the brain overrides the thinking part of the brain – the neocortex – in response to a perceived threat.

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PTSD Symptoms: How Trauma Affects the Brain | PTSD and PTSD symptoms are real and real science says you can't just get over it. Here are 3 important facts on how trauma affects the brain.

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Stress affects the brain more than people realise - applicable to PTSD whereby the threat system overrides other systems in response to extreme threat.

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