The relationship advice. | 29 Passive-Aggressive Windshield Notes That Forgot How To Passive

25 Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Ever

Buy extra stick figures to stick on vans. Is it bad that I find this unbelievably hilarious?

25 adult jokes in cartoons. Kinda disturbing!

Okay... you have to read the reviews for this pen! They are hilarious!

Sometimes cops can help you take the perfect profile picture: | 25 Pictures That Show That Good Cops Actually Do Exist

Took me 15 mins to read this because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see. Seriously. Read hilarious!!!!!!!

This guy's father/daughter pictures are the funniest thing ever... check out the gallery. I have seriously been looking for 20 minutes. These are hilarious.

Bad enough people wear just a t shirt and legging this is just gross flesh colored legging are never appropriate

Difference Between Men And Women. That's hilarious. lol

this is hilarious


Just click on the picture and read this. just about died laughing!! this guy got a text from a stranger and decided to play along with it! must read! Hilarious.

23 Hilariously Mispronounced Words By Toddlers

Animal photobombs. My favorite is the last one.: Giggle, Cat, Photo Bombs, Funny Stuff, Funny Animal, Animal Photo Bomb

Look for it, look for it... BAM! That's just hilarious!

I am dying.

This is totally something @Vickie Cox would have done! This makes me laugh...