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Ethan Zohn: I’m Getting Better

"I'm not going to stop!" says former Survivor winner Ethan Zohn, who ran the Disney half-marathon while battling a relapse of Hodgkin's lymphoma.

We Stand Up for everyone who's endured chemo. Everyone who's lost their hair, their energy, their hope. Who's spent the night by a loved one's hospital bed. Who's had to pull out their black suits and dresses time after time to say goodbye to yet another friend. Everyone who's had to watch their children suffer. For those still in the fight and for those who've lost. Those still battling this disease with a strength they never knew they had. For those who've beat it and for everyone who…

Seven Most Famous Black Republicans Today

Condoleezza Rice is the second woman to be US Secretary of State, after Madeleine Albright who held the post during Clinton’s administration.

John Legend by Nabil Elderkin for LOVA Fall 2010

John Legend - We're just ordinary people. We don't know which way to go.- i remember listening to this song everytime derick and i would fight. begging him to start over.........going through old stuff on the old computer tonight

Fight Cancer

From the New York WPA Federal Art Project between 1936 and this poster encourages early treatment for cancer: "Fight Cancer. Delay is dangerous. Consult your doctor or health bureau."

2008 Texas 4000 rider Emily dedicated her ride to Alaska to her father, who is a Myxoid Liposarcoma survivor. She was inspired by his strength and courage during the fight.

Boston Marathon: Ryan Sutter Ran for Ethan Zohn

Survivor winner Ethan Zohn was unable to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year since he's battling a recurrence of Hodgkin's lymphoma – so his friend, former Bachelorette star Ryan Sutter, is stepping up to the plate. Read More:,,20586795,00.html

Stars Who Beat Cancer