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Looks like my Tree/dog house because of the boards that we hid our number two when steph and i were kids lol

Chicken coop - do you think George would notice if I got a couple of laying hens for the back yard? I 'spose we'd need a rooster, too.

Whimsical chicken coop sitting on the corner of an industrial complex in Syosset NY.

Very pretty! Great for a few hens in an urban or suburban backyard.

Gonna get some eggs to cook & dye. I'm heading to the barn after this gathering in the chookhouse................

The "Palais de Poulets," aka Clucking Hen Garden, belongs to a couple outside of Seattle. They transformed an old ugly shed into the work of art you see here. "A flock of heirloom chickens" (whatever that is) reside there. I admit it: I'm a bit envious.

This is where Baba Yaga keeps her birds.

@Rachel Foshe, this is a chicken coop that I really feel like you need.

Lyndsey Keller i thoought of you when i saw this adorable chicken coop...but was thinking more for rabbits ;)

chicken coop. I already have the coop plans, now just need the hubby to build!