Awww this holds a special place in my heart! I have been reading "Guess How Much I Love You" to my son since he was still in my belly. I write him monthly letters and sign some of them "To the moon and back."

Everything Happens for a Reason: Painting

When people told me this six years ago I hated them but as I move on with life I know he was ment to be in my life one way or another do I wish he was still here YES but God only knows why hes not Loved you then love you know and will love your forever miss you everyday A.A.D.

I Love You to the Moon and Back, I Love You Moon Nursery, Space, Galaxy, Modern Decor 8 x 10" Print, Wall Art

I love you to the moon and back this reminds me of the best grammie in the world! I love you gram!!!!!

My grandma used to say this -- I consider it the seedling hope of the "simplify your life" movement we are seeing now.

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